10 Important Facts You Must Know About the Reptilian Conspiracy Theory

Have you ever heard of the Reptile Elite?

No, we are not speaking about lizards driving round in fancy cars – although that is not far off from what some individuals believe is happening. The concept was brought to reputation by former BBC sports author and self-proclaimed “son of God”, David Icke in his 1999 book The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World. In the book, Icke posits that society is controlled by humanoid reptiles. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll name them the Reptilians. Whereas it could sound like a wildly outlandish1 conspiracy theory, roughly 12 million Americans believe that it’s actually true and there’s a conspiracy against humans perpetrated by the Reptilians.

After all, it’s important to point out that there’s only anecdotal information (at best) to back up any of these claims. So whereas none of it may be true, it is still a fascinating and elaborate theory about how some individuals see the inner workings of the world.

10. Origins

There are two schools of thought on where the Reptilians came from. Some believe that they evolved here on Earth, left Earth after they mastered intergalactic travel1, and then returned millions of years later. Others believe their home planet is in the Draco constellations. Supposedly, they came to Earth thousands of years ago and shared the Earth with people. Then they either decided or were forced to go “undercover” and hid themselves from our reality. They also started to interbreed with humans by altering our DNA, similar to the way that people alter computer code.

This altering of our DNA had a twofold effect. They altered our DNA so we don’t use our brain to its full capacity, putting a limit on our consciousness, and making us easier to control. As evidence, Icke points to the fact that we have reptile genes within our brain. In fact, the Reptilian brain is the oldest of the three parts that control the brain. The second is that people with reptile DNA in them can be possessed by Reptilians who live outside our realm of awareness in the lower fourth dimension. These human-reptile1 hybrids, considered demigods, were able to gain power in the ancient civilizations of Sumer, Babylon, and Mesopotamia. As humankind started to colonize the rest of the planet, the reptiles spread across the Earth and became the royal families throughout the world.

By having power in every single country, the Reptilians have created a global prison that people don’t even realize they’re in. The prison was created by drawing country lines, which leads to endless wars and conflicts. Another way they control humans is by distracting us with media, entertainment, and even politics. They’ve also made the population stupid and lazy by poisoning food, the air, and the water.

So just to sum it up, because it’s a lot of very unusual information to take in: essentially, the lizard people altered our brains to limit their ability. They installed most, if not all, world leaders throughout history. Those leaders, in turn, contributed to all major historical events. Finally, for thousands of years they’ve been poisoning humans. And all of this was done to ensure that they control humankind. So right off the bat, the answer is yes, we’re taking a drive to crazy town right about now. Enjoy the ride!

9. The Reptilian Hierarchy


According to Icke, there’s a hierarchy when it comes to the Reptilians. Notably, there are two classes of Reptilian – full bloods and crossbreeds. Full bloods are aware that they are Reptilians and can change forms between their human exterior and their true Reptilian skin. Also, the full reptiles are not wearing an actual physical disguise; instead their human shell is created through vibrations that alter the human mind, so your brain just thinks it sees a human. It’s similar to how the aliens disguise themselves in John Carpenter’s cult classic They Live. This explains why Reptilians are 5-12 feet tall but wear a human size disguise. They don’t actually shrink in size; our brains just register them as normal human size, because changing physical size is considered impossible. On the other hand, hybrids, or crossbreds, are not aware that they are Reptilian and believe they are humans, but are controlled from the lower fourth dimension to push forward the agenda, known as the New World Order.

Among those two different types, there are different races. At the top of the pecking order are the Dracos, who are winged albino reptiles. Below them is a race called the Reptoids, who do not have wings, and have brown and green skin. The Reptoids are soldiers and scientists and are responsible for secret government programs and bases, such as the Montauk Project, which was an alleged group of tests done by the United States army where they tried to developed fringe technologies like time travel.

8. How to Spot One

Some general characteristics of the Reptilians in disguise and people with Reptilian DNA is that they are usually Caucasian and have piercing eyes that are green, hazel, and sometimes blue, but they can also change color. They also have low blood pressure and unexplained scars.

Since they hide from humans, it may be impossible to see them, but one thing you should look for is how they act. Often Reptilians and crossbreeds lack empathy, don’t express love easily, are incredibly smart, and have a love for space and science.

But, if you are desperate to try and see one: supposedly, if you watch television in slow motion, you can get glimpses of the Reptilians’ true identity. Sometimes the image can be distorted and skin looks scaly or green. Teeth become distorted and their eyes look like those of reptiles. There are plenty of videos on YouTube of people who claimed they have footage of Reptilians shape shifting.

Read more at: toptenz.net / Featured Image Source: korkubilimi.com

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