12 Warning Signs From the Universe You’re Walking Down The Wrong Path

While in life all paths lead back to the beginning if we are going down our path, walking the wrong way nothing productive will come of it. We will deal with set backs more often than not and it will feel as if we are always having bad things happen to us.

 If you don’t know for sure whether you are on the right track in life you may need to reassess your journey as a whole. Take into consideration that things may have somehow become off balance and remember that it can be fixed. The Universe is always more than willing to point us in the right direction, all we have to do it listen. When we resist the universe nothing good comes from it.

12 Signs From the Universe That You Are Walking Down the Wrong Path:

1. You experience a lot of careless accidents

This could be anything from stubbing your toe to breaking your arm after having tripped over something. It could be seen as a sign that you need to slow down a bit and think. You are ignoring the intuition you need to be paying attention to and are paying for it. Sure the occasional toe stub is normal but if these things happen all too often you might need to make some changes.

2. You are bored in life

You are most likely not living up to your full potential. This is something that happens when we get too comfortable where we are in life and allow our minds to run on autopilot.

3. You never finish anything

Be it a hobby or a serious project unless you force yourself you won’t finish it and even then sometimes you still don’t. This is because you need to think of something new to try, what you are doing is just not working for you.

4. You are far too stressed out

The more you continue on the more stressed you get. This is a sign you are not in the right place.

5. You are sick frequently

The Universe may be trying to tell you to slow down with this as well. You need to change your life so that you are getting enough nourishment and rest.

6. You are a clutter bug

No matter how often you clean everything is still a mess. This reflects your insides as well; clutter often means you are holding on far too tight to the past.

7. Your memory seems fried

You are constantly forgetting things. This is because you are doing too much in the wrong way, you need to relax and get clear within.

8. You are often late

This means you are out of alignment with the things you really want to do in life and need to get back on track.

9. You can’t seem to stop breaking things

No matter how big or small something is you can’t keep a good grip on it. This could be the Universe letting you know that you are making yourself fail or setting yourself up for failure. You need to release control and allow things to happen as they will.

10. You avoid your own thoughts

You suppress thoughts because you are terrified of reconnecting with your soul to find clarity.

11. You don’t feel like yourself

If you are not feeling like yourself there has to be a reason behind it, you could be following someone else’s path by accident and not even realize it.

12. You are constantly coming across challenges or roadblocks

This is because you are pushing forward in the wrong directions. You need to go down a different way if you want to get where you need to be.

When you experience these things just stop, relax, and think it through. Take time to meditate and find out where you need to go from here. Life is not as hard as we make it seem, listening to the Universe will get you further than you could ever imagine.

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