15 Signs That Shown Deceased Loved Ones Are Nearby

Have you ever felt a presence near you, nut they is no one around you? Even though it seems frightening, do not be afraid. Feeling someone near you, without being able to see him, may indicate that a deceased loved one is nearby.

Even when our loved ones pass away, they never leave us. They always try to get in touch with us. However, you should be aware of same signs, which will help you to understand what your loved ones are trying to say you.


1. Scents

The sense of smell is closely related to memory. The scent usually comes with a spirit. It may be scent of the food they consumed, of the perfume they used, etc.

2. Dreams

While we sleep, our vibrational energy increases and is equal to the energy of the spirits. Moreover, while we sleep, our consciousness mind is also more receptive. For this reasons, spirits may affect our energy easily.

When we dram our deceased loved ones, our dreams are often less dreamlike and more lively. It is also possible that we are going to remember the dream after we wake up. If you have similar dreams, you should be aware of it, as it may send you an important message from a deceased loved one.

3. Songs

You can sometimes get a message through a song. While you are driving a car and listening to the music, you may suddenly realize that the songs you are listening to are not accidentally arranged. If you notice some arrangement, you should know that your guardian spirit is trying to say something to you.

4. Misplaced objects

You may have noticed that some objects in your house are misplaced. They have not been on the same place where you had left them earlier. Usually, the spirit of a deceased loved one misplaces the objects in our house. You may have noticed that objects, like a smoking pipe, flask, jewelry that belong to a deceased loved one, are missing.

5. Thoughts

We are often influenced by thoughts, which try to make us more conscious about certain things. For example, if we drive fast, we get influenced by thoughts which tell us to drive slowly and to be more careful.

Sometimes, we may get influenced by other peoples thoughts. These thoughts usually are from a deceased one.

6. Pets

Animals are very receptive to the presence of supernatural beings. For example, if you see that your dog is waving its tail, it may mean that it has seen a deceased loved one, who has come in like a spirit.

In addition, it is considered that pets visit their owners; too, as owners claim that they had heard barking of a dog, or meowing of a cat.

7. Funerals

James Van Praagh, a well-known psychic, claims that people participate at their own funeral after they die, and comfort their family and friends. You should be aware of signs, such as: caress on the cheek or a touch on the shoulder at the time of the funeral in order to feel the presence of the spirit.

8. Looking for old habits

In case your grandfather uneasy about switching the lights on, and then if he comes in the form of a spirit, he may have switched the lights off. Usually, spirits do the same things, which they did while they were alive.

9. Unexpected gifts

You may not get a Porsche, but love, attention, care when you do not expect. Do you remember a time when you were feeling down, and you got a call from a close relative or a friend, who surprised you and made you happy? They gifts come unexpectedly and offer a lot of love.

10. The right person at the right time

Have you ever met a person when you needed him / her most? It might have been your deceased loved one, who is trying to help you if you are getting through tough times.

Sometimes, you meet people when you are feeling down, so they came like sunshine and eliminate your negative feelings and make your happy. Pat attention to these people.

11. A sense of comfort

You suddenly feel safe and comforted even though you do not know the reason for it. A deceased loved one may want to protect you, to look after you, or to visit you when you need help and support.

12. Surreal experiences

Sometimes you may feel disconnected from the reality, as you belong to another dimension. A deceased loved one usually comes in another dimension, so you might have been connected to their reality. You may feel energetic vibration from the spiritual beings or experiences in your head that you are not able to recall for a long period of time.

13. Intense senses

Spirits try to communicate through touch, smell, taste, sound and vision. If you notice a smell of a perfume, your deceased loved one may have come to visit you. You may also feel your diseased loved one brush against your skin, or you may hear a voice calling you. Moreover, you may suddenly feel cold.

14. Powerful vision

The spiritual beings try to communicate with you in many ways, but they most commonly talk to use when we meditate. The voices we hear while meditating may come from a deceased loved one, so pay attention while meditating. In addition, while meditating, you may get visions, like being able to see them while they are sitting or performing their favorite activities.

When our mind is clear and calmed down, the spiritual beings are able to communicate to use easily.

15. Feel them in your room

Even though you are not able to explain it, you feel something that you had not felt before. It seems as there is someone in your presence that you cannot see. However, rather than feeling afraid, you should feel safe, comforted and loved, as this may suggest that your deceased loved one is near you.

Source: fullyawaremind.com

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