6 Things That Happen When An Empath Loves A Narcissist

An empath will shower you with love and affection, making them the best kind of person to fall for. The narcissist is the exact opposite, falling for the idea that someone is in love with them, and forgetting to reflect that love. So if opposites attract, how likely will a relationship between the two succeed?

1). The fairy tale start


The beginning of a relationship can be a beautiful thing. You love everything about your partner, everything seems to be going great, and you couldn’t be happier. Well in the relationship between an empath and a narcissist, it seems like the perfect match. The empath will continue to fall for people they can take care of, while a narcissist wants all of the attention, which an empath is fully prepared to give.

2). One gives, while the other takes

As the relationship progresses, so does the love the empath has for the narcissist. The empath cherishes and loves the narcissist, opening up and giving them their heart and soul. The narcissist will continue to extract all of this affection, more in love with the idea that someone admires them. It never occurs that there should be a mutual affection for one another. That the narcissist should show the same love and care that the empath has given them.

3). The game of manipulation

Narcissists have a tendency to turn things around, leaving the empath to blame and keeping themselves innocent. When an empath starts to feel that their affection is going unnoticed, or their partner is not showing the same desire, they become very upset. They will often confront the narcissist, making it known how they feel. But this will fall on deaf ears of their self-obsessed partner. They will likely turn everything on the empath. Making them feel like they are showing too much affection, or being clingy. The poor empath will immediately feel like they are to blame, and they were being insecure, but in reality, there is nothing wrong with seeking the same love they give, from their partner.

4). Coming to a breaking point

The manipulation game will continue on until the empath reaches their breaking point. They can no longer take it, and even find themselves starting to mirror some of the narcissist’s traits. This, however, is a good thing for the poor empath. They will start to realize their self-importance and see that they deserve better. This will lead to arguments, and constant bickering and fights. That will slowly cause the two to drift apart.

5). Drifting Apart

When the inevitable break up in in the horizon, and the relationship is falling apart, the narcissist will pin the blame on the empath. Even though the sad truth is that they were never the problem, the empath will feel a little guilty to an extent. They regret not giving forth a better effort, not trying one last time, and not giving enough love. They have been manipulated into believing that the unavoidable doom was solely on them, due to the narcissist never taking the blame.

6). The Healing Process 

The narcissist will go on searching for the next empath to poison and play their games with. They will continue to be selfish and bring sadness and misery wherever they go. There is a saying that time heals all wounds. The empath, however, will not only heal, but will grow stronger, and learn from this experience. They will grow wiser and see that they deserve to be shown the same love that they put into this world.

Source: ewao.com

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6 Things That Happen When An Empath Loves A Narcissist

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