7 Clear Signs That You Are Receiving Important Cosmic Information That You Shouldn’t Ignore

We’re all just stardust.  At least, that’s what they say.

What happens when we forget this?  What happens when we lose touch with the Cosmic force that surrounds us all the time?

Do we become something far from what we’re meant to be?  Maybe.  Or maybe we’re following a path that is going against the grain of the Universe.  Either way, being sentient beings in a veritable cloud of cosmic dust does make us come in direct contact with information constantly.

It’s kind of like what happens when you walk outside…Your body registers the information that the environment is sending you, and acts accordingly.  Shivering when it’s cold, sweating when its hot, and yelling at the top of your lungs when you see your dog pooping on the flower beds again.  It’s all part of the everyday interactions we have with what’s around us.

So what are the missing pieces of information?  How do you know when the Cosmos is sending you signs you should listen to?  Read below to find out.

1.  Suddenly, a light bulb moment

When you’re actually in to what you’re doing—Like really in it—then you’re probably directly in line with what inspires you.  You might be cooking a meal, writing a letter, drawing a sketch, talking to a friend about something you enjoy, or walking down the street listening to music.  All of a sudden, you’re struck with a thought, idea, or way to improve what you’re doing at that moment.

These are the “light bulbs” that we have seen 100 comics about.  You are getting in touch with information from the universe in that moment because your are doing something you truly love to do.  Whether it is something that will help lead you to your purpose in life or not, it is your purpose in that moment, and that’s why the Cosmos sent the light bulb–it wants you to know you’re on the right track.

2.  Dreams, duh

Man, you’ve got to see that your dreams aren’t always just about what movie you watched last night.  There are characters and themes and places that you’ve never seen before, or never met, or are just way too absurd to even fit in with anything you’ve every known.  Dreams are part of who you are–they’re your unconscious mind and the reality you perceive—and that’s a huge deal.

Just because your eyes are shut, doesn’t mean your aren’t getting information funneling in.  There are messages from everything around you, and if your dream is telling you to do something or revealing something important, it’s best to heed it.  Even if you don’t think it’s true, you’ll see pretty soon that there’s no escaping what your brain already knows.

3.  A Signal that Registers 

You’re driving down the highway, and a song comes on that helps you feel like you are truly present.  A movie you randomly selected on Netflix answers a problem you’ve been going over and over in your head for days.  A random conversation with a stranger points you in the direction that you couldn’t seem to see for yourself.

This is the Universe calling out to you.  It is guiding you, and showing you to what you may have already known, but just couldn’t uncover.  It’s not coincidence or “just in your head.”  It’s as real as the leaves on a tree, and it’s worth listening to.

4.  An idea that just won’t quit

You’re finding that every conversation you have, every interaction with the world, and every night before you sleep, you keep coming back to the same idea or concept.  Maybe it’s about Death, or where you come from, or what it must be like to live in Africa.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s always the case, though.  No matter what the idea might be.

This is the Cosmos talking to you through your mind.  It wants you to be on the path you’re here for.  It wants you to explore those ideas that will direct your life the way it needs to go.  It’s worth heeding these signs, and exploring the ideas that keep coming up.

5. Numbers, Shapes, and Letters

There’s no escaping the triangle that you’ve seen in everything since you were 8.  Or the same sequence of numbers that you’ve played on the Lotto since you were 19.  These are part of what is called Cosmic Geometry…Patterns that help us see into ourselves.

The shape may be sacred, as in a lotus, or it may be a simple circle.  The number might have history like 13, or it may be 56.  Whatever it is, it is part of your guide in this life.  Even a certain letter or word might be one.  Anything that keeps coming back, no matter how much you might try to ignore it, is worth turning towards.  Who knows what you’ll find.

6.  Emotional Surges

Sometimes we experience sadness in a moment that other people find funny.  Or anger when other people are crying.  A set of emotions that “just don’t fit” can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but it’s worth a second look.  What are they pointing you to?  What haven’t you looked at within yourself?  These are questions that the Universe wants you to ask.

We are all born compassionate, inquisitive people.  Sometimes we’re taught out of our emotions, and that’s unfortunate.  They are there to help guide you, and if they come up suddenly, it might be a sure sign it’s time to explore what is going on behind the scenes.

7.  Love, man.  It’s all about love.

Suddenly, you find yourself loving the dog that your roommate got and, at first, annoyed you beyond belief.  Or you see someone on the street, and all of a sudden, you just want to give them a hug.  These random acts of compassion aren’t random.  They’re meant to show you that you’re capable of love without borders.

Love isn’t just for people who are partners or for parents and their kids.  Love is for the trees, the bugs, and the sea.  Love is for the books we read, or the ice cream we indulge in.  Love is myriad and wonderful, and has no care for shape, size, or species.  It is the ultimate connector in life, and thus the Universe, and will be there when you least expect it.  And that’s worth seeing for yourself.

Source: Life Coach Code

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