10 Signs That You Have Walked This Earth Before and Are Reincarnated (#9 Will Surprise You)

While not everyone may believe in the concept of reincarnation it is the basis of many ancient religions. The belief is that after you die your soul is transferred into a new body.

While some believe that you reincarnate over and over as people, others believe that you can be reincarnated as anything – a butterfly, a tree, a dog or any other living being. While there are a number of theories as to why this would occur, no one has proven the reason that the soul is said to transfer in this way. One theory states that you are reincarnated due to having unfinished business, and you will continue to return living a new life each time until such time that you solve the issue.

Do you believe that you are an old soul? Have you experienced memories that you don’t believe are your own? Here are 10 signs that you have walked this Earth before…

1.You have memories that don’t fit with your current life.

Most commonly experienced by young children, they find themselves recalling memories vividly that did not occur in their current life. While these memories may not make sense at first, there are times that some research can actually prove this information to be accurate. For example, a young child may recall being murdered, which obviously did not occur in this life, however, the details of this memory may lead authorities to the body of a man that had disappeared years before. These memories are often incredibly vivid consisting of many details.

2.You have strong empathic abilities.

Empathic abilities refer to an individual’s ability to experience and share the feelings and emotions of others around them. They struggle to be in crowded spaces as it can be highly overwhelming at times as they are unable to ‘shut it off.’ These people often will put their own problems aside to focus instead on the problems o others, which may be a sign that they have been reincarnated as they are more focused on healing the world than on healing themselves.

3.You keep having the same dreams of another life.

Do you find that you often experience the exact same dream repeatedly, always representing the same experience down to the smallest of details? Do you find that people and places in your dreams feel particularly familiar, or that they are often all associated with a similar time period? It may be that these are not actually dreams, but rather memories that your soul is recalling from a past life.

4.You regularly experience déjà vu.

While déjà vu is an incredibly popular phenomenon this is not referring to occasional little bits and pieces, or an ‘odd’ feeling in which you just feel ‘off.’ Instead, this refers to cases of clear déjà vu in which you know that you have been somewhere before or met someone before, as your soul Is recalling this from your past lives.  You may visit an unfamiliar city only to find that you know exactly where things are while you are there, or meet someone new only to find that you know details about their background already with no explanation as to why.

5.You have fears that you cannot explain.

Some people experience fears that are seen as incredibly bizarre or irrational. It is believed that these fears, while unexplainable in your current life, may actually stem from experiences in your past life. For example, if you were previously killed due to a snake bite this may manifest in your current life as a fear of snakes. If you find that you are experiencing a fear of bodies of water this may be due to a death by drowning in your past life.

6.You experience precognition and retrocognition.

Precognition, also known as future sight, is the ability to obtain information about events that have not yet occurred but will be at some stage in the future. This information may come to you in a variety of ways including through visions, dreams, and feelings. Retrocognition is the exact opposite, recalling details from past events that are generally not available. While hard to prove, these two experiences are signs that your soul is full of insightful energy, only found in grown, mature souls.

7.You have an incredibly strong intuition.

It is believed that a strong intuition is the result of a mature soul, allowing you to draw upon universal knowledge that may not be available otherwise. Sometimes this knowledge comes from bits and pieces of information as a result of experiences you have had in a previous life, whereas other times it is a reflection of the maturity of your soul, drawing a deep connection with the universal truth.

8.You find yourself drawn to certain time periods.

You may find yourself drawn to a specific period of time, feeling a connection to that era. For example, do you love the music and style of the 1920’s? Do you find yourself drawn to aspects of this time as inspiration for choices that you are making today? Do you feel as though you are ‘called’ to a career that would have been popular during that time? This may be a sign that you lived during that era in a past life, and that was a particularly happy time for our soul.

9.You Feel as Though this Earth Is Not Your Home

Do you yearn to go home? Are you constantly moving, looking for that place where your soul fits? Longing for that illusive feeling that you belong?

Perhaps you long for the collective soul home or another lifetime where you felt more comfortable.

I feel this every day. I fit in as best as I can but overall, especially when inundated with modernisms, or negative energies, I deeply ache for the collective. If you feel this way, you are not alone. Many of us feel this way.

10.You Feel Like the Alien in Your Family

Who are these people anyway, you ask yourself as you struggle to connect to the folks you call family.

Hang in there, you’ve chosen each other for a reason, mainly the purpose of soul growth.

This lifetime, like all your others have been opportunity for understanding yourself and others on a deeper level. To live more fully. To love more.

References: ewao.com & elephantjournal.com

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