‘Alien Sex won’t be like you suppose’: Evolutionary biologist explains how extraterrestrials might reproduce

No-one knows, because people haven’t yet caught beings from outer space within the act of physical affection.

However now a top evolutionary biologist has decided to shed some light on how aliens may make love.

Dr. Sarah Otto, director of the biodiversity analysis centre at the University of British Columbia’s Zoology division, told Mirror On-line that people would have to ditch their earthbound preconceptions if they wish to understand what sex may look like on one other planet.

“I have never thought about aliens before,” she mentioned.

“However it’s an interesting thought experiment.

“What do we know about 4 billion years of evolution on Earth and what would we predict if it occurred all over again on another planet?”

Males are from Mars…

Earlier this month, an American lady referred to as Niara Terela Isley claimed reptilian aliens regularly raped her at their base on the dark side of the moon.

However aliens would in all probability find it very difficult to get jiggy with people, as a result of our bits and bobs are likely to be completely different shapes.

In addition to this, it is unclear whether or not the familiar gender binary of female and male would be replicated in an alien species.

Alien eroticism would probably be completely different, having developed alongside its own evolutionary lines.

Dr Otto mentioned the 2 gender approach was unlikely to be discovered on one other planet, because it does not always exist on Earth.

“The separate female and male sexes is not even universal rule on this earth, let alone others,” she continued.

Sexed up: All slugs are hermaphrodites, which means they’re able to breed quickly (Photo: Wyevale Garden Centres/Rain Communications)

Aliens could be hermaphrodites, Dr Otto advised, which means they can basically have sex with themselves, however this would rely upon what kind of beastie ET turned out to be.

This could be useful, as a result of it means ET would not have to find a partner and then speak them into bed.

“Organisms that can move and find different mates usually tend to have separate genders,” she mentioned.

“Those that are stationery tend to have female and male organs on the same individual.”

Intruigingly, Dr Otto advised being that can’t move would not essentially be any less clever than one that can run about, raising the prospect that alien lifeforms could look more like trees than people.

Just watch out for these wandering branches.

In Star Wars, the well-known Storm Troopers were mentioned to be exact copies – or clones – of the bounty hunter Jango Fett.

However in a real galaxy far, far away, aliens are unlikely to clone themselves, as a result of reproducing your exact genetic make up could leave a species at risk of being wiped out by one single disease.

If a creature cloned itself, the species wouldn’t be able to benefit from the combinations and mutations which occur when women and men merge their genetic code throughout reproduction.

“Clonal species do not tend to do well in the long run,” Dr Otto added.

Not every species on our own planet relies on sex which takes place exclusively between 2 genders.

“Rather than female and male, some species have categories like A, B, C, D and E,” Dr Otto added.

“But regardless of truth they may have a number of mating varieties, it is solely two that are likely to take part in mating.”

This means aliens would unlikely to get involved in orgies, as a result of when it comes to producing the subsequent generation, more than two parents is certainly a crowd.

Pleasure seekers

It’s usually stated that people are unique because we enjoy having sex.

Of course, each species is hardwired to reproduce – otherwise they would not last very long.

“It isn’t shock that evolution has linked sex to pleasure centres of our brain,” Dr Otto mentioned.

This would mean aliens would probably feel a an urge to get down and dirty, whether they loved it or not.

Sound familiar?

Brave New World

In his famous novel, Aldous Huxley imagined a future the place intercourse was purely for enjoyable and infants have been produced in factories.

We asked Otto if this was unlikely to be the best way aliens produced their offspring.

“I sure hope not,” she replied.

“In factories and manufacturing industries, you are attempting to do things the same way again and again.

“Evolution does not work that way.”

Just like earthly creatures, aliens are likely to have benefited from the flukes caused by combining their genes over the courses of many tens of millions of generations.

“Evolution stops if replication is done perfectly,” Dr Otto concluded.

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