Choose A Tarot Card and Reveal Your Love Potential

Now that you have your answer, find your card below and see what it reveals about your love life.

If you chose…

Card #1:

The card you chose is…Queen of Wands tarot card

There will be a development in a relationship if you keep showing your interest to your lover!

A queen is sitting on a throne, holding a wand in one hand, and a sunflower seed in the other. The keywords of this card are ‘happiness’, ‘passion’, and ‘interest’.

Love Tarot Card Reading

If you are a couple, you should show your lover how much you care. It is like taking care of a growing sunflower from seed. If you pay more attention to your lover, you can expect a true, deep relationship.
Try to spend much time together, ask for a serious conversation. Also, do something new together like travelling to a new place so you two can rely on each other.

A sunflower seed represents ‘the possibility of meeting your dream girl / dream boy’.
If you are a single, be brave and open your heart to love. Perhaps you will start a romance with your dream girl/ dream boy. Be careful not to be a possessive lover.

Card #2:

The card you chose is…Chariot tarot card

A passionate love like a flame!

A young king is riding on a chariot. This king takes action with a clear purpose. The number 7 in this card means ‘destiny.’

Love Tarot Card Reading

This card represents ‘action’ and ‘acquisition’. You can expect a passionate love.
If you are a couple, I call tell that your lover is so into you. You two love each other deeply. However, be careful to not lose yourself in love.

If you are single, you will meet someone by destiny. Do you have someone in your heart, but it’s hard to express your true feelings? Don’t be afraid! You should express your love as often as you can to someone you dearly love!

Card #3:

The card you chose is…King of Swords

You will take the lead in a relationship!

One thoughtful man is sitting on a ram’s head like a throne.
The golden, jewelled crown on his head and the shield in his right-hand shows that he is an emperor. His long, white beard tells us about his wisdom and years of experience. This emperor card shows a stubborn, strong-willed person with patience.

Love Tarot Card Reading

This card represents authority, power, and patience. If you are in a relationship with someone, you take the lead. Everything will go as you expect. BUT you should be careful not to be so bossy. As you know, communication and a good balance are important in a relationship.

If you are single and have someone in your heart, you will soon win his/her heart!
If you think he/she is the one, do whatever you can to make him/her fall in love with you. On the other hand, if you decided to give up, you would be able to forget about him/her easily. So it really depends upon your decision!

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Choose A Tarot Card and Reveal Your Love Potential

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