Did The AIDS (HIV) Virus Come From Aliens?

Upon searching the internet for an answer to this question it becomes clear that most sources of information refute the claim that the AIDS virus may have originated from an extraterrestrial civilization.

However, there are in fact many links between AIDS and the alien presence on Earth, as indicated by Colonel Philip J Corso’s writings, entitled Dawn Of A New Age and also by the DNA of a biological alien hair sample which had been unknowingly retrieved during the potential abduction of Peter Khoury.

In addition, there are links between the AIDS virus, the extraterrestrial presence and government research.

Rather fascinatingly, the AIDS virus actually crystallizes a lot better in space than it does on Earth, which may suggest that the virus did not originate on Earth. The virus is also a separate living entity of it’s own, which attaches itself to and fuses with target cells.

Upon entering the target cell, the viral RNA genome is converted into double-stranded DNA by a virally encoded reverse transcriptase which is transported, along with the genome, in the virus particle.

Viral DNA is then imported into the cell nucleus and integrated into the cellular DNA by a virally encoded integrase. Once integrated the virus becomes latent allowing it to avoid detection by the immune system.

The AIDS virus can easily be compared to a carefully coded computer program (virus) which performs in a similar manner, infecting the host computer and hiding itself from the computer’s security software.

In addition, the AIDS virus has an extremely high rate of genetic variability and it is therefore very different from most other viruses. This is because the AIDS virus has such a fast replication cycle plus an extremely high mutation rate.

This means that a single AIDS victim actually becomes infected with multiple variations of the HIV virus over the course of just one day.

Alien DNA

In July 1992 Peter Khoury was the unfortunate victim of an alien abduction by two females and, after his abduction, found a long blonde hair on his body.

He kept the hair in a plastic bag and eventually it was supplied to APEG (Anomaly Physical Evidence Group) for testing. One year later the results of the world’s first PCR DNA profiling of an alien hair sample was released.

It was determined that:

“The DNA analysis confirmed that the hair came from someone who was biologically similar to standard human genetics but of an unusual racial type – rare Chinese Mongoloid which is one of the rarest human lineages known to man which lies even further away from the human mainstream than any other, apart from African pygmies and aboriginals.”

And the study concluded that:

“The most probable donor of the hair must therefore be as (Khoury) claims: a tall blonde female who does not need much color in her hair or skin, as a form of protection against the sun, perhaps because she does not require it.”

Amazingly, the alien hair sample showed that it contained two deleted genes for CCR-5 protein and no intact gene for normal undeleted CCR-5. It is this CCR-5 deletion factor which has been implicated in AIDS resistance.

Government Disclosure

Colonel Phil J Corso wrote in his books The Day After Roswell and Dawn Of A New Age about the American government’s Golden age of research and development from 1958-1961 (during his time being head of foreign technology at the Pentagon).

Whilst head of R&D, Corso claims that he was given access to the Roswell file, that secrecy had been successfully maintained and that the funds to research whatever really crashed at Roswell became available and so, a whole new world of technology was unleashed.

Corso’s credentials can be verified as can much of the information he has written about in his books. Corso claims that the term “extraterrestrial biological entity” or “EBE” was used during his time on National Security Council (NSC) staff at the White House.

He also had above top secret clearance and claims to have seen first-hand a 4-ft alien entity suspended in a vat of liquid, which was being transported from Roswell.

Corso claimed the Roswell file also contained photographs of dead alien beings mutilated by the the crash and alien autopsy reports.

According to Corso the autopsy reports showed how advanced the aliens were in the field of genetic engineering. The beings themselves are believed to have been genetically engineered clones; their skin appeared to be atomically aligned, in order to protect them from galactic radiation.

Corso also wrote about the 8,000 cattle mutilations which happened during the seventies and there is also a case whereby a human (government official) had been subject to the exact same torture in Brazil in 1994.

Just as with the cows, his left eyelid, left side of lip, left jawbone and interior organs had been removed with startling precision using some kind of laser technology. There was no evidence of any kind of human presence left behind and there was no blood. However, this is certainly not the only case of such human mutilation.

Believe it or not, cows are actually relatively similar biologically and extremely similar genetically to humans and it was the most human-like parts that were taken from the cattle. This suggests that the reason behind these mutilations could very well be connected to some sort of genetic engineering, which is allegedly being carried out by the aliens.

In general, Colonel Corso accuses the extraterrestrials of several hostile acts including using superior medical techniques, tampering with Earth’s environment and food supply, abducting humans and taking fluid and tissue samples without consent, mutilation of cattle (and other animals) and tampering with human and animal genetics.

Corso claims these phenomena provide an insight into the intentions of the extraterrestrials, although he claims it’s unknown whether this research is being used to give themselves an upgrade or to attack humanity.

He states that it’s actually the aliens themselves who are maintaining secrecy and not our governments as many people believe, most likely because (according to Corso) they are hostile.

After explaining how our technological development, bioengineering capabilities and space weaponry has been rapidly upgraded ever since the Roswell incident, Corso explains how we have advanced in the field of biological warfare after studying the anatomy of the visitors.

He goes on to warn that the AIDS virus may have been artificially created off-world and it may have even been one of the alien’s tactics in attempting to threaten our existence.

Government Research

It appears that the AIDS virus was originally unleashed on the world in 1971, just two years after the US government closed project Bluebook, their official UFO investigation program, in 1969.

Then in 1969, the House Appropriations Committee had requested funds to research, develop, test and evaluate a “synthetic biological agent”

In 1970, H.B.15090 was passed allocating $10M to DoD (Department of Defense) for the research.

AIDS was found in 1971 in the Panama Canal area. It is believed by some that US serviceman were used as carriers of the virus.

The evidence presented suggests that extraterrestrial biological entities may be genetically modified for protection against AIDS and that this could potentially be where the virus originates.

After all, why would the aliens need immunity against AIDS unless they were carriers of it?

The above information suggests that the covert government may have carried out research into the virus, which may have been used as a means of biological warfare or for protection from the virus, as a result of the extraterrestrial threat.

The official stance on the AIDS virus is that it originated from chimpanzees. However, it’s not unusual for labs to use monkeys (and other animals) in their testing.

If the AIDS virus takes ten years to kill it’s host then it would take from the late forties until the late fifties for testing on animals such as chimpanzees.

Further testing would then take place on humans, most likely on a West African species and it’s no secret that AIDS is abundant in Africa.

This would bring us to the late sixties when the virus would have been researched, evaluated and tested until it had been refined for biological warfare or population control purposes.

Here is a quote from US Air Force pilot John Lear, who has many contacts in the CIA:

“As far as an update on AIDS is concerned, AIDS was developed by the Navy in 1972. The specific doctor that developed it was a doctor by the name of R. M. Donner. The initial AIDS research was financed by Congress. July 1, 1969 is when they had the hearings. This is a copy of the DoD (Department of Defense) appropriations report for 1970 (hands over the document).

It was chaired by Robert Sykes. The testimony reveals exactly what they wanted – a biological virus for which there was no known immunity. They finally got it developed in 1972 and started doing experiments. The biggest experiment was in 1977/78 when they released it in Africa, which is now 100% infected. In the United States, in 1978/79 AIDS was released to the white male homosexual population through the Hepatitis B vaccine.

The reason they wanted to start with the white male homosexual population was that they wanted to get it to spread very quickly, and they thought that people would not worry about it if they thought that only drug abusers or homosexuals were involved. That’s what happened. The Navy goal WAS to infect 75% of the world’s population by April of 1991.

Those are from top classified government documents. What’s interesting is that by the present rate of infection, 75% of the population will not be infected by the April 91 target, so what we’re looking at is other ways the government may have of spreading this disease. I am kind of happy I don’t live in California, where those helicopters are flying up and down spraying for the Medfly.”

So, does the AIDS virus come from aliens?

It’s a very real possibility!

Source: exemplore.com / Author: Marc Hubs

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