Here, 8 Mysterious Ways in Which Your Soul Speaks to You

Our souls are our guides. They know what goes on in our hearts and they understand what we truly seek in our lives. You may hide a lot of things from others, or from yourself too, but there’s nothing about you that remains hidden from your soul. And the fact is that your soul does try to communicate with you and guide you. It, however, speaks through different means and you need to be aware of the ways to listen to it.

Here, we have 8 mysterious ways in which our souls communicate.

#1 Dreams

Dreams are called the royal highway to our innermost thoughts. It is when we sleep that we let our guards down and our mind remains free to wander wherever it wishes. We lose control of our consciousness and our souls get activated in our sleep to speak through dreams.

Dream interpretation is hence, called an art because not everyone can understand the soul’s voice when it speaks in your dreams. Your fears, desires, ambitions etc. all appear in your dreams. So, when you realize a dream which seems especially odd to you, pay attention. Your soul may be trying to say something special.

#2 Gut feeling

How often have you acted on your instincts? How often does it happen that you get different vibes from people or things and you act on it? How often have you thought about something and felt your gut say otherwise?

Our souls are inherently connected to our true nature. Our souls understand our needs and they know what bothers us or what pleases us. Our souls, therefore, speak out when we are in doubt. We may call it vibe, instinct, or gut feeling but it is often our souls trying to communicate with us.

#3 Synchronised events

Sometimes, we come across a series of incidents which individually may seem random but when you connect the dots, they seem to point to something. These random events add to one event which you only realize later. Our souls are highly instrumental in creating these events in order to show us a larger picture and it usually succeeds.

#4 Visions

Sometimes, it is not just our dreams but also our visions which reveal what our souls wish to say. It may seem like a premonition, a thought or just a glimpse which you may ignore easily but they are one of the simplest ways in which our souls speak. Visions are different from dreams and they may occur when you are meditating, thinking, or during times when you are extremely agitated. Paying attention to them would help you listen.

#5 Repetition of numbers/letters

Numbers and letters are tools we use to communicate with each other. Our words reveal what we wish to say to other people. Souls, too, use numbers, letters, or words to communicate with you. And they often do it repetitively.

You may, someday, find that you keep noticing a certain number everywhere you go. A word may get stuck in your head for a long time without you realizing why or how? The repetition of these elements in your life should indicate communication and you should be wary when you keep noticing them.

#6 Animals

It is indeed a mystery as to how, but our souls can also speak to us via animals or birds. It may happen that, for example, you keep coming across crows and you may start feeling odd about it. It may easily be that your soul is trying to warn you about some impending problem through the crow and you may ignore the sign at your own risk.

#7 Anxiousness

Anxiety is not always completely psychological. It is not always due to stress or tension. Sometimes, our anxiety is due to our souls warning us against something we are about to do. It warns through creating negative feelings within us so that we move away from what we were about to do and act in a better way.

#8 The feeling that something’s odd

We are often faced with the nagging feeling that something is not right, something is odd or something is missing in our lives. We may not be able to figure them out instantly but this feeling is created by our souls to direct us towards something that we need in our lives. One way or the other, our souls speak out when they feel that they should. Pay heed and you’ll always find the right direction in your life.

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