Here’s 10 Difficult Paths Each Person Must Go Through On The Path Of Awakening & Enlightenment

If you have started along your path to enlightenment, it is pretty easy to recognize the frequency of another awakened soul. Throughout this journey, you will find yourself seeing those who need guidance in their own campaign, and gladly help them through it. Although the path is a never-ending one, there are milestones or checkpoints that you come across. These 10 stages highlight those you may encounter:

1. Taking your life back

You come to the conclusion that your own happiness is dependent solely on you, not any external circumstance, or other people. There is an uneasiness feeling in your soul. Not feeling content with the path your life is going, you feel it is time to start making some changes. Whether a significant event as brought you to this feeling, or if it was series of them that has awoken you, you see that the state of your life is in your own hands.

This feeling, this intention of taking back control of your life will stimulate your energy, align your chakras. This is the start of the path to enlightenment.

2. Seeing life in a different light

You start to question and challenge everything you come across. You start to seek the truths in this life and ask yourself deeper questions, like how you have chosen to live your life. You start to see the world from a different perspective. Euphoric emotions like bliss, joy, and truly feeling free are more common in your life. As thrilling as all this seems, pain can still be present.

3. Tug of War

The constant dilemma of continuing on your path of awakening, or closing your eyes to it looms over you. What lies in the unknown can fill you with fear; causing you to second guess your decision; not knowing what consequences may arise should you continue seeking enlightenment. An uneasy feeling about the purpose of your life overcome you, and you start to question your beliefs.

This moment is pivotal, however. This is the fork in the road, you can take that leap into the unknown, or fall back asleep, shutting your eyes to what lies ahead.

4. The inevitable darkness

You start to see the world for the state it is truly in. Things like greed and vanity, the state of the environment, and poverty start to appear more prominent to you. You think how we as mankind could have let this happen. You start to slip into feelings of depression, and what society considers important, you no longer find interest. You struggle to fit in with the masses.

You desire to be alone, with yourself, or with nature, and start to question who you really are. You feel lost. But this, believe it or not, can be a good thing. With darkness, comes a better understanding of the light. You learn and grow in the darkness. So When you do start climbing back up from that gloomy, shadowy pit, back into the light, you can see the beauty that is life.

5. Love and Gratitude

You no longer find yourself saddened by allowing the world to get to the state it is in. You start to see the direct correlation between you and the world and realize that you can change it by starting to change yourself.

Seeking the truth has never intrigued you as much as it does now. You thrive to research further into spirituality. You see the world in a whole new light and get a sense of a higher purpose in this world.

6. Synchronicity

The world becomes connected, every aspect, every creature, everything that is. You truly feel part of the universe. You realize that your thoughts and emotions shape your reality, that synchronicity is real. If you put positive energy into the world, positive energy is brought back to you. Your lifestyle starts to revolve around this idea. You see the world more deeply.

7. Being true to yourself

Your purpose becomes clear. The feeling of connectedness with the universe becomes stronger. Intangible things become more important than anything else, and your soul starts to awaken. You start pursuing your higher purpose, which is sharing your new self with the world; Spreading love and awareness.

8. Greater Awareness

Everything around you is directly mirrored from your state of consciousness, and your life begins to transform. You no longer find yourself troubled by the challenges that arise on your life’s journey because you are completely armed emotionally and spiritually. You are filled with inspiration and ideas. Your true destiny is finally unveiled to you, or you have finally awakened to it.

9. Co-creation

You start to connect with your spiritual guides or higher self. You give yourself to the universe, trusting in its guidance. You work with this great source of energy to co-create. Things start to flow easily, getting better the more you work with the divine.

10. Unconditional love

You no longer feel like you are putting love into this world, but are in fact love itself. Everything you do radiates positive energy, and joy. You realize the awakening process is here to make this life painless, and tranquil. The clarity that this life is only temporary comes to you, and all worries you ever had faded.

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