Here’s 4 Secret Steps To Access The Akashic Records

The Akashic records are a collection of all human events, emotions, words, thoughts, and intent ever to have occurred. These records connect each of us to one another, and record events not only occurring in this life but also in any past lives. They mold, develop and shape the levels of human consciousness, both drawing us toward as well as repelling us from one another.

“Upon time and space is written the thoughts, the deeds, the activities of an entity – as in relationships to its environs, its hereditary influence; as directed – or judgment drawn by or according to what the entity’s ideal is. Hence, as it has been oft called, the record is God’s book of remembrance; and each entity, each soul – as the activities of a single day of an entity in the material world – either makes some good or bad or indifferent, depending upon the entity’s application of self towards that which is the ideal manner for the use of time, opportunity and the expression of that for which each soul enters a material manifestation. The interpretation then as drawn here is with the desire and hope that, in opening this for the entity, the experience may be one of helpfulness and hopefulness.” – Edgar Cayce Reading 1650-1

The word Akashi is a Sanskrit word, which means ‘sky’, ‘space’, ‘luminous’, or ‘ether’. The term Akashic Records, coined by H.P. Blavatsky, was used to refer to these records, believed to be indestructible tablets of astral light.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are also referred to as the ‘Hall of Akashic Records’, or within other beliefs ‘the Book of Life’. It contains a complete record of all things that have taken place over time, including information about the past, present, and the future.

The ability to access the records is not difficult, nor is it a privilege permitted only to a select handful of people. These records are accessible to anyone with these purposes: good and clear intentions, to dissolve persistent patterns of karma and to use the knowledge derived from it to expand the spiritual path. As they contain powerful information that should not necessarily be made known, they should not be accessed out of curiosity, and the action of doing so should not be undertaken lightly. In order to protect the records, those that do not approach them with the above-stated purposes are rejected, left feeling confused.

Alice Bailey, in the book Light of the Soul, explains the records’ difficulty, stating, “The life experiences of every human being since time began, the reactions to the experience of the entire animal kingdom, (and) the aggregation of the thought-forms of a karmic nature (based on desire) of every human unit throughout time. Herein lies the great deception of the records.”

How Do You Access the Akashic Records?

1. Have Good Intentions and Be Clear

You need to start your journey by looking deeply into yourself, and assessing your reason for wanting to view this information, as well as how prepared you may or may not be for what may come forward. Are you prepared to learn of times when you have hurt others I your past, and to what extent?

Remember, even if you have made a conscious effort to live this life in a good, well meaning and spiritual way, that may not reflect the lives you have lived previously. Your past lives may not line up with your morals and beliefs.

Once you have determined that you are prepared to take this step, you need to state your intentions clearly to the universe. State very clearly that you are not driven by curiosity, but are ready to do soul work. Ask that you be provided access to information that will serve to heal others.

If your requests are presented at the appropriate time for this step in your spiritual journey, the universe will provide you with the green light to proceed.

2.Be Specific with All Intentions and Questions

At this time, you will need to prepare for mediation, as that is the state that will be required in order to proceed. Set up a safe and comfortable space where you will be able to enter into a meditative state. Light candles, and perform breathing exercises to help yourself to reach the necessary trance, relying at that time on nothing more than your senses.

When you are asking your questions of the universe, frame them in a way in which they focus on the ability to learn from this greater knowledge, for example, “What was the most difficult lesson in my recent past life?”. These questions serve as guides.

After you have stated your intentions, and allowed yourself to feel any emotions that may stir within yourself in doing so, you will find that you are drawn to sounds, images, or sensations. These senses will draw you back to your past, either to your oldest life, or to your recent one. Trust yourself and allow yourself to take this journey, with your soul guiding each step.

3.Keep Your Sessions Brief

This is going to be a new, and possibly overwhelming experience for you as you get started. Keep your sessions brief early on, and you can work towards a better understanding and grasp of the process with repeated attempts.

Remember to remain patient with yourself throughout this experience. You may be learning some difficult ‘truths’ from your past. Allow yourself to accept these truths, regardless of how strange they may appear at first. Do not rush yourself, give yourself the time required.

Trust the process, and remain gracious for the knowledge you are being provided. If you are found to be ungracious you may be denied access on your next attempt. If you are trying to find relevant information to your questions, but find that you are struggling, then it is time to end that day’s attempt and return to it later. Do not allow yourself to become frustrated.

4.Keep Practicing

The more you make the effort to practice your ability to access the records, the more you are showing you’re the Universe that you are prepared to do what is required to grow and evolve. In time, you may even find that you are ready to uncover your soul purpose.

The records may contain some deep, heavy information that will take time and effort for you to work through mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Be patient and allow yourself to work through each piece. Doing so will resolve your karma and serve to provide a deep level of healing. Remember that you will only have things revealed to you when it is the right time, trust the Universe is correct in this determination.



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  1. One must not frame the question AS A QUESTION, because the Cosmos Intelligences are NOT Bi-Cameral. You must frame your question as a Statement asking for clarification, like the model Prayer Jesus taught us.

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