Here’s what your New Year’s resolution should be, according to your zodiac sign

We have a love-hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions. On one hand, it’s always good to establish goals so you can work toward being the best version of yourself. And on the other hand, change is hard and we always feel horrible about ourselves when we inevitably give up on our resolutions like 2 hours into January.

With that being said, maybe we’d be more inclined to following our 2020 resolutions if they had a fun, zodiac-based twist? Now, please stars, help us make resolutions that are right for us…

Aquarius – Resolution: Be your own best friend.

If you were to give us a peek at your planner, we have a feeling we’d see plenty of get-togethers on your schedule. That’s because you are one who thrives around others. You love to spend time with friends and loved ones, who make you feel supported and as though you have what it takes to push forward during times of chaos. However, it’s important for you to remember that you can be your own best friend. Without a doubt, you are strong enough to go your own way and pave your own path. Though surrounding yourself with cool people is great, you should resolve to spend more time with yourself in the name of self-care.

Pisces – Resolution: Find new ways to channel your imagination.

Reality can be scary place, which is why you often use your imagination to get away from it all. With your artistic and romantic sensibilities, it isn’t hard for you to find solace in the right side of your brain. In fact, it’s likely that you already have your favorite medium of expression, whether it be painting, singing, dancing, pottery, or something else that’s just as creative. However, there is probably something out there you haven’t tried as a channel for your imagination. Maybe it’s illustration, nail design, writing, or a hobby your friends have been telling you to consider forever. Well, now’s the perfect time to get going!

Aries – Resolution: Don’t be afraid to take a step back.

You are a leader if we ever saw one, since you have a personality built for taking charge and storming ahead. Now, thanks to your determination and confidence, we can imagine that others willingly let you take the lead. After all, they know that you are the one to get the job done. Yet, this can all be pretty exhausting, right? That’s why we think, this coming year, you should start to accept that it’s okay to give someone else the reins. This would be especially beneficial if you are the leader of a team at work or in your community, since you can learn and grow from a different perspective.

Taurus – Resolution: Find common ground.

Your practical nature is a huge part of who you are — which is wonderful, since it makes you a seriously dependable champ. This, coupled with your love of stability, can also make you the type of person who’s set in their ways. While it’s great to know what you want and to take control of your own destiny, you have to remember the importance of compromise. Oftentimes, if someone doesn’t agree with you, you tend to fight for your side with the hope that others will see things your way. However, there is always a way to find middle ground, and it’s often much more pleasant than allowing a disagreement to get the best of you.

Gemini – Resolution: Find a source of stability.

Every day is different — especially for you, Gemini. With your easily bored personality, you find your mood changing often and, while that’s not a bad thing, it can cause you to feel as though you are on an emotional rollercoaster. Fortunately, you are an adaptable person, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work to find a comforting source of stability in your life. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work to care for yourself amidst chaos. Some suggestions: Listen to music that keeps you on an even keel, take walks whenever you’re feeling particularly stressed, and you can even keep track of your moods and what causes them in a journal. Do whatever provides you with a sense of stability.

Cancer – Resolution: Understand that all emotions are good emotions.

Just like Gemini, we can picture you being on an emotional rollercoaster during your day-to-day life — but you’re definitely in the first row. What we mean by this is that you experience your emotions HARD. When you feel sad, you really feel sad. And when you feel happy, you might as well be floating on cloud nine. With that being said, just like everyone else, we bet you categorize your emotions as either “negative” or “positive” (because same). Despite that, we think it’s essential that everyone remember it’s human to feel, that it’s okay to be sad sometimes, and that there is nothing negative about it. Ultimately, we should accept our emotions as they are and allow ourselves to simply be.

Leo – Resolution: Accept that not everyone is going to like you.

Even without meaning to be there, you frequently find yourself in the center of the spotlight. Because when all is said and done, you have a performer’s personality, you have the potential to captivate an audience by simply being yourself. On top of that, you are also a warm-hearted person, so we imagine that it can be hard for you to cope when part of the crowd doesn’t clap. Unfortunately, this is a part of life, one that’s hard to come to terms with. Not everyone is going to like you and that is okay. That doesn’t make you any less of a person, and it certainly doesn’t mean that your hard work has gone to waste. In the end, with our without everyone’s admiration, you are still a STAR.

Virgo – Resolution: Don’t be so hard on yourself or others.

As someone who is as hardworking as can be, it’s no surprise that you are an incredibly careful person who focuses on the little details associated with every area of your life. This can make your standards pretty high, and not just for yourself — but for others as well. I mean, if you are going to work as hard as you can and give everything your all, then others should as well, right? Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work that way, and that can make it pretty hard for one to live with the highest of high standards. That’s why we suggest you keep your expectations optimistic, but maybe lower them a smidgen. Give yourself and others the chance to impress!

Libra – Resolution: Find your place of harmony.

We live in a topsy-turvy universe where things often go awry. You especially, Libra, are prone to feel this way, since you are the best version of yourself when there is balance in the world. Yet, injustices happen and the sun doesn’t always shine — and that’s exactly why we think you should seek out a safe haven for yourself. You should find the one place that makes you feel as though all is right in the world, so you can replenish your energy and get ready to fight for what you believe is right. This safe haven can be anything — a certain room in your home, a scent you spray around, a poem you read, a movie you watch. All that matters is that you find what makes you feel *~zen~*.

Scorpio – Resolution: Learn to adapt.

You give off an aura of intensity, one that heightens the fact that you gravitate toward power. Specifically, you thrive in positions of power, especially with your passionate personality. Nonetheless, there is still the part of you that lives by the mantra It’s my way, or the highway. And that can make it difficult for you to adapt when things don’t go according to your carefully curated plan. That’s exactly why we want you to be a bit more flexible this coming year, to go out of your comfort zone when it comes time for you to adjust your path in life. We know it’s hard, but if anyone has the assertive personality to make this happen, it’s you.

Sagittarius – Resolution: Have patience. Good things take time.

The moment a fresh idea pops into your head, it’s likely that you want to make it happen right then and there. This feeling of restlessness is enhanced by your freedom-seeking personality, which leads you to adventure out in the world in search of uncharted territory. While this is a beautiful thing, you travel bug, it can also lead to anxiety. Not everything comes easy and good things do take time, which is why it would do you some good to practice patience. Whenever you are feeling the need to run headfirst into something, take a deep breath instead. Remind yourself that, in the end, everything is going to work out the way it was meant to.

Capricorn – Resolution: Be grateful for all that you have.

Though you’re likely in the midst of working hard on a project of some sort, we’d like you to stop for a second. Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Take a moment to write down at least five things you are grateful for right now. And really think about this list. What have you achieved recently? Who has been there to support you? What do you have that helps you survive? Since you tend to focus on all that’s wrong with the world, it’s important to remember that with the bad, there is good. Yes, it’s hard to be a human — but things could be so much worse. And we all have so much to be thankful for.


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