How Empaths Can Develop Their Psychic Abilities: The Divine Imagination (Part I)

Dear Empaths,

Your sensitivity makes you a natural psychic, whether you are aware of this or not. This is because empathic intelligence makes you aware and sensitive to all sources of energy. This innate awareness can easily, and quite naturally act as a channel to subtler forms of energy. As a psychic, I can tell you that this is really all that psychic ability—whether it is expressed as clairvoyance or clairaudience or mind reading or what have you, comes down to—the channeling of information, accessed through an empathic sensitivity to said information.

Psychic work involves the primary task, as I mentioned, of getting to (that is, channeling) certain forms of information that could not otherwise be accessed. Information is nothing more than energy. And there is no capacity within us that is a stronger vehicle for energy than empathy. This is why your empathic intelligence is not only a useful, but utterly necessary tool in psychic development. There is much to be said about how to develop psychic ability, as the psychic world is sort of an alternate universe that could amount to endless volumes of explanation. But in today’s post, we’ll just look first at the basic lifestyle of psychic behavior, and the world in which psychic consciousness lives: I’ll call this the divine imagination. Reading this material will help the empathic mind to adapt itself to this psychic realm. And then in my next post, we’ll explore further into the world of hands on psychic experience. This post will be longish, so grab a drink and settle in, and just relax as you read, as this will allow your empathic consciousness to take the wheels.

The first thing I will tell you about psychic ability, is that its less of a skill (although it is a skill) and more of a way of life that is driven by the creative instinct. That is, psychic ability is an imaginative creature. In astrology, we say that psychic and spiritual abilities are ruled by the sign of Pisces, which also governs artists, healers, musicians, and the imagination. (No, this does not mean that if you aren’t a Pisces that you aren’t any of these things.) But it’s no wonder that Pisces rules all of these roles and aspects of experience, being that they are all inherently connected. One cannot exist without the other. And what this means is, one cannot be psychic without being connected to their inner artist, any more than one can be an artist without being connected to their inner psychic. I’m not saying that painters have to be fortune tellers, and psychics have to be poets—rather, I am saying that painters, poets and psychics all draw from the same well, from the same higher channels of consciousness, and to be any of or all of them, you must be in touch with your natural sensitivity (empathic abilities.) Essentially, this entails having a fluid relationship with the imaginative consciousness.

Now, a lot of people consider the imagination to be a matter of fantasy and unrealness. In other words, the imagination is commonly assumed to be an irrelevant force when one is attempting to gain access to any sort of “real” information. However, consider the way in which art, such as paintings or music imparts us with wisdom, perspective and understanding—in other words, “real” information. Of course, art is always derived from the mysterious genius of human imagination. It is through this entanglement with the imagination that artists channel the deepest and most revelatory projections of truth.

We respond to art as we do because it speaks so voluminously and clearly to the deepest and most untouched parts of us—because it wakes up and shakes the truth within that we do not know and yet do know. Art speaks to us, and arouses us out of ourselves, and leads us through the dissolution of screens and smoke we once considered to be truth.

We think of the imagination, which is of course the creating hand in all art, as a place from which all fantasy and illusion is born. Yet it is the illusion that then becomes truth, and thus turns what we thought of as truth into illusion. In this way, art frees us from the vacancy of concrete thinking and transports our gaze from the small view of rationality (A + B = C/Individual + Collective= Reality) to the big picture view. This brings us to something like: (A + B +C < The Whole/Individual + Collective + Reality < The Whole; and Individual, Collective and Reality are not separate, and each express one another, and the whole. Of course, our own rationale, which is itself a craft and a meal for the ego, in turn defends itself by accusing this imagination, and its art, of being the unreal source. And we at times trust in this accusation because rationality speaks from the authority of reason. But why do we always trust reason? Why is reason our God? Has reason done any more for us than the imagination, than art? Has it possibly done less? Has reason better informed us? Is it not true that reason misleads us, that reason itself can be molded to accommodate the schemes of ego, and can be more so questioned in such a way that it admits its own inadequacy? To put it another way, perhaps the true flaw of reason is in its execution—for as far as we can reasonably say, we are the sole inventers, and users of reason in this universe. That is, reason is merely a tool we hold, and use for our own flawed purposes. It’s not the pen, it’s the writer. And if we are the writers, reason is merely our pen. It’s of course reasonable to say that there must be, presumably, others pens (beyond reason) in the universe.

So then, the real arguable problem with reason, is that we invented it. It’s our idea. It’s our lens, it’s our way of measuring, and filtering. We like reason because it suits our need to explain this reality. It’s our perception. And yes, this way of seeing and doing that we call reason, of course does hold for us most of the time. But then, as many of today’s quantum physicists will tell you, if you keep following reason long enough, reason begins to fall apart—and pretty soon, when you get right down to it, the laws of physics are being broken right under our noses. And in this way, reason fails us as an ultimate authority, and if we follow him too obediently, he disappears from us entirely. Perhaps one reason for this is that reason is supported upon a process of elimination. It is created for the purposes of the human mind’s need to filter and break down information. It narrows our scope, so that we can “make sense” of a reality that in truth, makes no sense. So it is as Alice in Wonderland discovered, an upside down world in which the sense is the stuff we make up, and the nonsense is all that’s left of what is real! So in order to build this world as we should like it to be, we must cage ourselves in reason—lest we know our own limitlessness. In this way, you could almost say we have unconsciously traded beingness for the illusion of control and order.

But there is no need to attempt the impossible task of utterly wiping out your human rationality—my point is only that we must rationally see the limits of this rationality, if we are to really ever get to the “real” stuff. And we must get beyond these limits, because the very fact that they are limits, makes it clear that we have farther left to go. This universe is as infinite as numbers, as are our minds. Art has proven this to us. We can become our own art, and prove it to ourselves within the quiet, dimensional travels of our own endless space of consciousness. If you look inside of yourself right now, and you ask yourself, where do I end and where do others begin, what you will find is that there is no truly rational answer—which suggests that there is no ending to the defined structure of our human creation. If you ask yourself, where does time end, and where does my awareness of time cease, you will have no answer, no reasonable answer. And your mind will know that the answer to these questions does not exist, because the idea of having any answers at all is a logical notion, and yet there are no answers in logic when you follow it to its end.

Now you may say, well it’s possible for science to know the answers to these questions, whether science currently does or not. And I would not disagree with you. But I would ask, why are we assuming that this thing we call science, which is really just the prerogative of knowledge, is limited in any sense to the confines of reason alone, when science itself exists as an unlimited quest? In another word, can such an unlimited appetite as science be satisfied through limited means? Why would the true will and heart of science, which is only a word for the human desire to know, close its eyes to some other potential way of knowing truth, beyond pure reason, which has already proven itself to science through quantum physics, to be a limited source? And of course I am not referring to certain individuals composing the majority opinion of today, who claim to represent science, some of whom would insist on limiting themselves in this unlimited search—but I am referring rather to the pure, unadulterated spirit of science—of consciousness’s own unending hunger for itself.

But you may still be asking, or be thinking, that the imagination is still a place that conveys ideas and projections that are irrelevant to this reality, to this here and now sort of place. And you could carry that statement a little further to say that certain products of the imagination, like mental travels that go nowhere, fantasies, and other wild entertainments of the mind, are most definitely irrelevant to the here and now. But even then, consider that your imagined thoughts, no matter how rambling or seemingly estranged from regular life they may be, are still in some relationship, intercourse and conversation with who you are now. And in this sense, even our most bizarre type of fantasies hold their own on the stage of ultimate reality. And so, certainly in the case of our more serious and intentional imaginings, the imagination becomes a more obvious portal to truth and understanding. It is the imagination that we are relying on in the ancient practice of vision quests, or sensory deprivation experiences, etc., and all these kinds of mystical undertakings and endeavors used to achieve enlightenment, which we have, from our very beginning, understood to be the most relevant perceptions in terms of revelation, wisdom and truth.

And of course as we all know, when it comes to the creation of art, it is the imagination that we are relying on. This is because, whether the imagination leads to absurdity, fantasy or realistic, these ways of describing whatever origins from it are only labels—a matter of our subjective perception. That is to say, there is no way of dividing the values or determining the limits of the imagination’s fruits—the imagination has no limits. And what this means for us, being that we are the conveyors of the imagination, is that we have no limits. If we can navigate our own imaginative consciousness, we can use it to channel and determine any sort of information we choose. This is why psychic ability is so inherently tied up with the imagination. This isn’t because psychic notions, or the very idea of psychic ability is “made up,” but because there is really no such thing as “made up.” It all exists somewhere, and it exists within the imagination. If we know how to circuit our mind through the imagination, we can connect to information that exists in a relative and valid way to our own reality. And within this potential, resides the heart and nature of psychic work.

But I think I can guess what you might be thinking: how can this thing we call an imagination really lead us to any relevant information, let alone specific, targeted information relating to this existence? And if you are thinking that, then know that in my opinion that is a very valid and well thought out question. And while my response to this question will be covered throughout the remainder of this post, and then more specifically explained in a how-to fashion in my next post, the short answer, to my mind, can be given on the basis of these two concepts which I have briefly touched upon: 1) The imagination is an infinite network of potential consciousness which can be navigated in the exploration and discovery of truth; and 2) Consciousness is the vehicle through which we navigate the imagination, and sensitivity is the driver of this vehicle .

The imagination is like an endless well, from which we can draw whatever we like. Most of the time, we just assume it can only be drifted through, very meaninglessly, for pleasure or whatever it is. What we don’t always notice is that the imagination can also be maneuvered through, with a methodical sense of direction. Artists and other folk have always known this, often without knowing they know it. Artists will experience something in regular life, and then will proceed to create on the basis of that experience. What they are doing is tapping into a certain subject matter that is out there. They move beyond the face value of the experience, and draw directly from the well of the imagination in order to discover the true image that reflects that experience, beyond its face value. This is a kind of research; it very much like looking up books in the library based on a certain topic, or googling about something in particular that has happened to you. You know about something that has presented itself to you in your waking life, and with a steady grasp on that title or topic or concept, you can then find where more information about it exists, until you are able to craft for yourself a better understanding. Artists and regular people are constantly conducting research on this mental level, where the results are nonphysical, and can be spiritually informative in nature. Sensitivity is the ultimate skill which we use when we do this; without sensitivity, we filter the imagination and are unable to find results. It is no different than the physical sensitivity we use to conduct real life research—that is, we rely on the senses to observe whatever it is we are observing. In mental life, everyday people and artists or psychics in particular, rely on the mental senses—the various devices of consciousness—emotion, feeling, imagery, thought, etc. This is why artists and creative people have always been known for their sensitivity and capricious temperaments. Incidentally, this is also why they often have problems with or attraction to substances—they are physically sensitive as well as mentally so, and are easily influenced by substance, which they may either use to further provoke their imaginations, or drown them out entirely.

With psychic experience, it is a very similar thing. That is, psychics or intuitive and empath types of people (who are usually also creative types) experience something in particular or they have a curiosity about something in particular, and then they begin to access information on that particular subject matter, though highways of consciousness (aka, the imagination.) Many intuitive types will live mainly in this world of awareness that we think of as the imagination, to the extent that they end up picking up information on all sorts of things that grab at them as they float through that world, which are often things that were never purposefully sought out at all. And many more still of this type, who become truly psychic, spend so much of their awareness in this realm that they will either through purposeful or accidental development of their abilities, become hip to what they are doing there and they will figure out how to navigate their imaginative consciousness.

This is how I became aware of how I could purposefully use my own abilities. What I gradually discovered was that all of these projections of the mind, the imagination, dreams, etc., may not always have any apparent bearing at least, on the reality of this concrete physical existence, but are nonetheless just as real. That is to say that perception is reality, and if something is perceived by us, whether in a dream or a thought or a mundane occurrence, that thing we perceive exists. It becomes the sound of the tree falling in the forest, that we know is certainly a sound, because we do hear it. Whether it’s a sound without ever being heard, is further more an impossible question, because there are no sounds we do not hear somewhere, on some level of the infinite consciousness. What I am getting at, and this is important in understanding our psychic abilities, is that there is nothing really that proves to us that one kind of perception is any more real or valuable than another. There is only the subjective illusion of this distinction, which people often hold onto for dear life because it gives them some sense of order or control amidst the infinite space of information that is true potential reality.

Once we grasp this, we can hold onto and begin to see into the nature of what we potentially are, and what our abilities potentially are. If you want to develop certain abilities, like your sixth sense or clairvoyance, clairaudience, or a relationship with these beings that people call “spirit guides” etc., then it’s really very simple because all of these potentials are already alive and vivid inside of you. Being a deeply sensitive human being, or an empath, you already live in between worlds, and through them. Because we are all infinitely interconnected to everything, and throughout all vast mystery and all space and time, there is no such thing as any possible energy not travelling through us, and us not travelling through it. And it is this travelling which we can ride consciously to derive information on any subject we wish—it is this travelling that we call the imagination.

Many of you have come into being with this aspect of yourselves, and many of you have knowledge of your spiritual gifts. In addition to those of you just mentioned, my next article will be for anyone reading who either doesn’t think they are “there” yet, or who wishes to go further, or who is simply a curious skeptic: this will be my message to such persons in which we will further unravel what it means to connect to this divine imagination (now that we have established that it is exists and the basic nature of its existence.) I will discuss how anyone can will themselves to access this realm, and how we can become, in every moment of our daily lives, effortlessly aware of and able to navigate through the subtle energy around us, in order to understand and gain information or wisdom concerning anything—anything at all.


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