If You Experienced Any Of These 15 Signs? Then You Have Healing Powers…

We all have the ability to affect those around us.  Our words can change someone’s life, and our actions can, too.  We may not realize that we’re doing it sometimes, but that’s because there are subtle movements and statements that we use without realizing it, and yet, they are powerful for those around us.

It’s important to notice our presence in other people’s lives—being aware of how we do affect others and what we act like when called upon to be a support—because without this noticing, then we are more inclined to not noticing our own selves.  And that’s something that we should be paying attention to.  We should be taking care of ourselves and helping ourselves heal first, so that we can then help others along, too.  Within this context, however, there are some people who stand out for their “healing” qualities.

We’ve probably known someone in our lives who other people naturally gravitate towards.  They often receive deep questions that seem probing, but are nonetheless searching in nature—people believe that this person can genuinely offer help for their issues.  Sometimes this person doesn’t want this sort of attention, and sometimes they become aware of who they are as healers because of it.  Either way, here are a few hints that can offer you insight into whether this person is you, and if you might have that healing “je-na-sais-quoi.”:

1.  You’re a Calming Presence to Others:

People enjoy that you keep their blood pressure from rising, especially if they are stressed before hanging out. Just merely being in the room, others can feel an instant wave of calm.  It speaks immensely toward your ability to project an inner sense of stability.

2.  Those Who are Close are Rarely Sick

Anyone hanging out with you, especially if they stick around you physically for a while, noticeably get better when ill.  Or, won’t really ever get sick to begin with.  Your healing nature goes down to the depths of their inner soul, and helps direct their bodies and minds in a positive direction—they become stronger, and thus, more immune.

3.  You Are Inclined To Think About Others’ Needs

Your thoughts tend towards the people in your life that are important to you, and what it would take to make their lives’ better.  Whether with a present or a talk, you always are looking out for others’ needs.  This makes you compassionate, and that sort of compassion is what people can feel, and feel better from.

4.  Anxiety, Panic, and Mood Disorders Might Be You

Always worrying about things in your life?  Strangely bouncing between sad and happy?  Not really sure why you feel the way you do?  This might mean that you’re a healer because you are sensitive to the world around you.  You know when something doesn’t seem right, and you seem to be the only one who can see it.  And your compassion compels you to solve the issue, and heal the wrong.

5.  Empathy Is Your Middle Name

Healers tend to be able to see others in a way that a “normal” human cannot.  They an almost go into the pain of those around them and live through it, seeing how it works and where it hurts the most.  This is something they can train to become, but most healers are born with a gift for understanding how others feel.

6.  You Have A Family History of Healers

If your mother was a back-to-the-woods Hippie Healer who had a community of people around her that she helped with her herbs and kind words, then you’ll probably inherit some of this skill.  If your father was a man who could see exactly how people around him were hurting, and his talking could make them learn how to heal themselves, then you’ll be doubly inclined towards being a healer.  You might even be able to track healing further—this gift tends to get handed down, even if it skips a generation or two.

7.  Butterflies Pop-Up When You’re In Public

You can feel so much, that it’s sometimes really hard to be around a big group of people.  It’s like being overstimulated at the County Fair—so many “lights” grabbing for your attention, that you get uneasy.  Healers are so in-tune with the slighter vibrations in life, that when that vibration is amplified in a crowd, it’s almost too much to bear.

8.  You’re A Regular Ol’ Snow White

Yeah, the myth of a girl who could sing to birds and talk to woodland creatures is you.  Animals know that you aren’t there to harm them—they are, in fact, drawn to you.  It’s because you see them as equals, and know that they feel, too.  You’re part of Nature and Nature is part of you.

9. Strangers Tell You Their Life Story

You’re just standing on the corner, minding your own business, and a stranger comes up and starts telling you about how he was in jail, where his family is now, etc.  You didn’t prompt it, and probably don’t say much during the conversation, but he continues anyway.  This happens all the time, and it’s because you’re open—your healing ways make you a bridge to a calmer, healthier space, and that’s what others are picking up on.

10.  You’re Exceptional At Massages

You aren’t trained, either.  It’s because you can see where a body hurts the most, and you naturally understand how to make it feel better.  It’s almost like you have x-ray vision—the pain is just sitting right there under the skin, why can’t anyone else see that?

11.  Neck and Shoulder Pain Stick With You

These are the places that tend to hurt first when you’re “carrying” the weight of others.  All the burdens that have been put on you aren’t just mental—our bodies and minds are inseparable, so if one is affected, then both are.  It’s important to help yourself with this, and keep your spine aligned as much as you can.

12.  Outdoors Is Your Jam

Man, indoors life is too claustrophobic for healers.  There’s no air, and life can’t be felt.  You go outdoors as much as you can, practically living in it, if at all possible.  That’s why Hippies wanted to go to communes—healing happens more often when Nature is close by.

13.  Crystals Call Your Name

The deep meanings, and inner workings, of crystals are second nature to you.  You can name what a crystal is, how it feels to have it close to you, and what it can do to help heal.  You just like hanging out with them, too, and always have one or two on your person.  They are your friends, and you like keeping them close.

14.  You’re Attracted to Shamanism and Other Spiritual Sciences

You aren’t put off by the “mystical” shit that others tend to scoff at.  You like reading about what people have discovered and talked about in the past, and present, about those things one might call esoteric.  It’s because it makes you feel less alone, and you have become more understanding of yourself through the teachings you’ve read.

15.  Certain Food and Drink Bothers You

It’s not that you don’t like certain things, it’s that you can feel when they aren’t right.  That goes with food and drink, as well.  You might be averse to the idea of eating meat, or the smell of eggs might really make you ill.  You’re at such a level of awareness about the environment that you’re in, that anything might just be “too much” for your sensitive system.

No matter if you, or a friend, only exhibit a few of these qualities, you may still be a healer on some level.  Most often than not, empathy will be the most consistent factor, and you will always feel compelled to help others.  You won’t feel like there’s any need for greed or guilt because life doesn’t operate on those principles.  Instead, you’ll always encourage love, the healing of pain, and the idea that we can all lead healthy, enjoyable lives.

Source: Daily Occupation

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