Important Message to You for This Week

Allow your inner wise self to rise up and whisper to you. When you are ready, give a great big smile and pick the card or cards that call to you.  Enjoy.

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See how my garden has grown about me?  See how my children, the darling buds, clamour for my attention?  They cry at night and can be so touchy during the day! I must shelter them from harshness and keep them in a safe place, till they are strong enough to branch out….even then, my watchful eye will look out for their care.

You see, so many people see the beauty, and do not understand where it sprang from; the rich, loamy soil.  The sweet water poured from the water-Dragonfae into this earth, the minerals of the natural realms, the light of the Sun and the shining sweetness of the crystal moon have all anointed my garden with their blessings.  And then there is me. So many see my garden, and wonder at it, but they do not see the work and the care that has preceded my domain. Its beauty is a result of love, care, natural growth and attention to each and every one of its inhabitants.

When your growth appear around you, from the seeds you have planted, take time to tend this garden.  Enlist the assistance of like-minded souls, and just as you would not feed these tender buds poisons and pollutants, do not feed your ideas the opinions and energies of those who are not in integrity.  Stay true to the vision of your creation and truly take a little time each day to tend this garden, be it of love, ideas, little ones or creative endeavours, until they are robust and begin to grown into their own energy.  For now, it is the tender time, the time when the buds are at most risk from the frost of rejection, the poison of judgement, and the choke of cruelty. Be vigilant, and you too will have a garden for all to enjoy and love.

Many will feel you’re fortunate indeed to have created such a beautiful Eden, but they will not see the care you have taken to grow this.  But I have seen. I have seen it all.



How much have you missed because I could not have the space, the wild quiet, the blessed peace in which to whisper my secret straight to your soul?  How much more could you be aware of if you simply took the time to be still and silent? The whole world can be heard in a moment….and now it is your time to be still, and to be silent.  Listen and truly understand what it is you are hearing. Listen with your being, your entire being, not just your ears. Allow your senses to be the soul’s messengers. Sometimes we need to be quiet and listen.  But first of all we need to be quiet. So many people talk so much of the time. And the talking and the talking and the filling up of space simply drowns out the messages.

The dragonfae do not decry conversation and robust dialogue, the joyous clash of friends talking with each other, or the singing out of voices….especially when raised in joy, celebration, song and good cheer!  But this card speaks of a time when it would be right for you to be still, and to listen, as the world whispers her secrets to you. We do not want to be making so much noise that we drown out our own signs and messages.  So be still. Be silent. And be ready for the messages to come in sweet, subtle and magickal ways.

It’s time to remove yourself from the hustle and the bustle, from built-up urban and industrial areas, and go deep into nature and find the still pace of solitude in which the soul can speak – and be heard!  Turn down the stress, the demands, the social whirl, the noise that can drown out meaning. In the words of Shakespeare, chatter is often “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” You would do well to seek the counsel of spirit in nature, to rest in a quiet grove within.  Furthermore, when the soul speaks, listen, come into alignment and act from that space of integrity. The Listener does not feel the need to tell all about what she has heard. In fact, she is content to simply act, without broadcasting her moves, and to allow her dreams into being, to follow the guidance of her message without exhausting the energy of the message by talking it out.

She is silent and she seems still.  But all of her actions are powerful and purposeful because they are born from a pure, still place of energy.  Hers is the quiet glade and sudden, glad truth of the soul, and in these truths are great wisdom and delight.


Beyond the mask we all wear of identity, beyond the construct of who we have been conditioned to believe we are lies your face, your self.  This face is tender and new in so many ways, as you have not shown her to the world before. This face has been protected because the world has seemed and proved indeed at times to be a dangerous and unkind place, where those of us who feel different are proved to be so as we brave the taunts and finger pointing.  But I now tell you that your protections, your armour and your shield can be removed safely with me. Do not discard her, as you may need her yet in certain situations. But know now she is your armour and her role is to protect your true being.

To you, I now reveal myself.  See? Many have recoiled in horror at who I truly am.  I m a Dragonfae Maiden, a spider Woman, a being of webs and change and destruction, and re-creation.  Each day I must remake my world….I feel along its sensory threads to see what needs reconstruction and what needs to be let go of.  For I am, as you are, part of the new web of life – a web of life that embraces our differences and yet understands that we are one.

I ask you today to look at the webs in your life that must be remade and rewoven…..  Remove your mask that says “I am this,” and know you are that, but also so much much more

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