Is India Going To Be the First Country to Tell the World About Alien Contact?

New Delhi, the capital of one of the mega powers of the world, India, has recently been whisked into an internal debate that only a few know. There are two fractions in this debate: A large democracy willing to support transparency, and on the other hand, invisible protocols that maintain order and peace throughout India and the world. It is a widely accepted fact now that all five world powers have been in contact with aliens and extraterrestrials now.

Recently, there has been a large influx of alien news and sightings in the country which has sparked much controversy. Some would be that a new secret UFO base has been spotted in the Himalayas, near other Chinese bases. In Ladak, a province in India, the locals have claimed that it was an everyday occurrence for large triangular spaceships to come up from the ground with Indian security forces protecting them. Why is India keeping quiet about this? That is because they have been taught the rules of the universe. Military officials and politicians, however, have confessed the fact that they have been in touch with extraterrestrials.

The existing and current internal debate now is an ignition of the long-standing problem: To tell or not to tell? Keep it a secret like all the other countries, or offer transparency to the citizens, which may cause widespread terror and panic? However, this presents another problem: If the secret was kept, and the citizens find out through unofficial means, this will cause a coup to occur. The current government will be destabilized and overthrown, causing nationwide riots and a massive disruption of peace.

However, India being in the loop now, it is evident how much their power has increased over this. The flock of world leaders to India in recent months has been extraordinary, Russian President Putin, other major senators of America, and even the European Union is in substantial talks with India. The sanctions that have been placed on India’s Nuclear programs have all been lifted. Major contracts have been given to India in the IT industry and call-center industry. India’s influence and power have grown so much that it is now being considered to be a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

If one were to scrutinize this change properly, one might be able to reach the conclusion that India, in exchange for keeping the secret about extraterrestrials, will be given a seat among the world powers, if they were to follow the universal law: Do not leak the secret about extraterrestrials.

It is still a big debate whether India will follow like a puppet, or break the mold. We can only wait and watch, but maybe the answers we have all been waiting for will finally come out into the light, one way or another. After all, no secret can be kept forever.




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Is India Going To Be the First Country to Tell the World About Alien Contact?

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