Is there a Spiritual Cause for the Corona Virus?

I’m writing this on March 15, 2020 and currently the world is in the grip of the Corona Virus.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions from readers wanting to know what this is all about from the perspective of the other side. Many people have asked me to write an article so here we go…

Was the Corona Virus planned by God or other beings on the other side?

No, the Corona virus developed due to the natural laws of biophysics. Viruses are everywhere, and sometimes they get out of control, especially if people don’t see them coming.

Are we being punished for being bad human beings? Is this our karma?

No, we are not being punished. God/Source did not sit down in a staff meeting one day and say “Release the Kraken!” No one is being punished, this is not some karmic retribution for wrecking the planet. This is physical cause and effect. God does not interfere, for good or ill, in the natural course of Earth’s flow.

Did God/Source know this was going to happen to us?

Beings on the other side can read trajectories, so they can see what we are headed for if we don’t change course. They could see this coming once it got to a point where it was inevitable. Before that, it was just one of a million possibilities.

Was this intended to weed out people who are evil, bad, or who did something bad in a previous life?

No, the virus is an equal opportunity employer. Your free will decisions about where you go, what you touch, and with whom you interact will determine whether you get the virus or not.

If we use crystals or do energy work can we avoid getting this virus?

I would say that if you are very skilled at energy manipulation you can offer yourself some protection against the virus, but most people don’t have that kind of skill or strength. You’re better off practicing good hygiene and social distancing as opposed to using crystals, salt, or Reiki.

If we pray, can we avoid getting the virus?

Prayer will strengthen your positivity which could boost your immune system. But at the same time, prayer can also be a signal to the universe that you are worried, anxious, or fearful which can lower your immune system. God/Source and other beings can hear your praying but they can’t grant immunity to those who pray. They are at the mercy of the physical laws of the universe, so if you kiss someone with Corona Virus, no amount of prayer is going to save you.

Is this virus meant to teach humanity a lesson?

No, it was not “meant” to be here, it was not pre-destined, it was not fate. Viruses exist in nature and sometimes they overwhelm humans. If you want to find reason in it or ascribe meaning to it that makes you feel empowered, by all means go ahead. But please don’t feel like you were targeted by the other side, or that you deserved to get sick if you get sick.

Should we hoard supplies or trust that God will save us?

Last time I checked, God didn’t deliver toilet paper. You’re a physical being living on a physical planet and you have physical survival needs. If you need food, water, toiletries and medicines to survive without the virus, then you will need them even more if your country gets quarantined. Be prepared. Get some stuff.

Are you able to tell someone during a reading whether or not they will get the virus?

No, because you make free will decisions that can lead to you getting or not getting the virus, and your guides don’t know what you’re going to do until you’ve done it or are just about to do it. Guides can see what happens on several paths and tell you what actions to take to avoid disaster, but you don’t need a reading to know that avoiding disaster means social distancing, good hygiene, and not touching your face. That’s your reading right there.

Do you see the economy collapsing?

Technically that is one possibility, but it’s somewhat remote at this time. The trajectory I’m currently reading is that the world will recover moderately well, the stock market will come back, but perhaps not all the way to what it was before the virus, not quite as many people will die due to some great protocols that countries are putting into place, and we’ll all be posting memes about it in a year. But trajectories can change at any time so we don’t know what will end up happening, only what is going to happen if we stay on our current course.

The bottom line is that you can’t control what happens, but you can control your reaction to what happens, and you can give yourself the greatest possible chance of survival. Do everything in your power to stay safe and keep your loved ones safe. Help others where you can.

It’s going to be okay. We will get through this!


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