Living in the Fifth Dimension, 6 Signs That You’re Shifting Into a Different World

We live most of our lives in 3D format.  We see the world as objects and effects on those objects, and we don’t really go beyond that.  Our thoughts focus on the stuff that is basic—where to get coffee, who is going to win the 20th season of Survivor, what kind of cat meme would look great posted on our office wall—and that’s okay.  It’s nice to live a 3D life.

Sometimes, though, we hit a moment in our lives that jump-starts a shift.  We lose a loved one, we lose a job, or find the love of our lives, and all of a sudden, we start to see the world differently.  We begin to notice that which lies below the surface–the emotions and feelings–and how that effects everyone around us.  This is the after-glow of moving into 4D thinking: it is the filter between the world of basic objects and cause/effect and the much higher, illuminated world of 5D consciousness.  4D is kind of like that moment in your favorite movie where the character wakes up and knows that their world has completely changed, they just don’t know how yet.

The thing is, 4D living is just a holding ground…It’s where you’ll stay until you slowly get a handle on what you’re seeing and experiencing.  You’re practicing for the big show, the 5D challenge of being surrounded by light and love.  And it looks like, according to, that we’re all kind of moving towards that–a massive shift into an Aquarian age–where we’re all going to be processing out of “basic” 3D into a 5D world.  Wouldn’t that be a thing to witness?

Anyway, whether you really grasp any of this or not, there are a few things to take notice of in your life that may point to a shift in your life.  They’re not too complicated, but they will be a big change if you’re not used to it.  Trust me, it’s going to be okay, though.  You’ll notice these things, and you don’t have to panic…It’s just change.  Change for the better, more than likely…So go with it and remember that it’s all about living your life in the fullest dimension possible.

7 Signs That You’re Making A Shift Into 5D Living

1.  You will notice that your life begins to be full of joyous thoughts, love, and wonder

All of a sudden, it’s like your brain just received new software.   An overnight download of Jellybean?  Yes, exactly.  You’ll start to notice that things aren’t all jerky and glitchy—in fact, it’s like you’ve sped up time!  You’re seeing everything clearer, and whatever you turn your attention to, it runs smoothly.  Your life is joyful because of it.  You’ll feel up to that new diet and/or meditation routine because it’s what just makes sense at these new speeds.

Moments throughout the day will be noticeably brighter, more connected, and will bring you deep happiness to experience.  You’ll see the dog walking down the street that you always do, but today you’ll feel a deep, abiding love for that dog because you just know that it loves you back.  And that it wants nothing more than to make its owner happy!  You’ll be thankful for all the little things, no matter if they are annoying or not.  It’s just really, really good to be alive!

2.  Speaking of which, you’ll be seeing your negative thoughts and actions start to fade and become easier to bear

All those nagging things that you complain about will begin to evaporate because you realize that it just doesn’t matter.  You’re putting down all the baggage you’ve been carrying around because it’s not worth carrying anymore.  You want to be light and free.  You’ll be pulled towards thoughts that are positive and empowering, and recognize your own belittling and undermining.  This is all getting you geared up to be part of that enlightened state….Get it?  To enlighten, is to be light!

This isn’t going to be one of those long-term games, either.  More than likely, you’ll be feeling better about your life pretty quickly.  Your operating speeds have increased all over the board, and your processing  of negativity is going to be much the same.  It never hurts to journal about all of this, either, as it could help a great deal to get some of those things out of your head and onto something that you can, well, throw away!

3.  Your senses are going to notice how much more beautiful everything is

When emotions are more inline and in-touch, the world becomes that much more tangible.  The colors, the smells, the way everything feels…It’s as if you just stepped into a Technicolor dream.  And it’s just a shift in your focus away!  You won’t believe how much the world appears different and beautiful when your focus is on love and awareness.

Possibly the greatest way you’ll be touched by the world, is through sound.  You will hear music in the wind and a chorus in the birds outside.  You’ll know that your heart is keeping time with the heart of your loved ones, and that, if you’re quiet enough yourself, you’ll hear the breath of the world.  It’s gorgeous and stunning, and may make you cry.

4.  Time will be as illusive as your dreams

The clock won’t be what keeps “time” anymore.  You may be finding yourself slipping from one experience to the next, without so much as the dinging of a bell to know when you’ve arrived or departed.  You won’t care much about timetables and deadlines, because you will understand that everything will get done on its own time.  There is nothing more relaxing then understanding that hours are as flexible as seconds.

Why, though?  Because the act of “keeping time” is a human construct.  You may begin to see this, and panic about it, but it’s nothing to worry about.  Our minds have been trained to believe that the passing of clock hands represents a tangible reality, but it isn’t true.  “It’s all in the mind.” as Ringo Starr so famously said.

5.  Synchronicity will be your new best friend

Everywhere you turn, things will appear to you as if you’ve been asking for them.  And it won’t just be that ketchup is in the fridge when you thought it wasn’t.  No, there will be moments of WTF? all the time.  Like walking into the grocery store to see your ex when you were just thinking about how much you wanted to say sorry for what happened between the two of you.  Or finding a letter in your inbox from a job you thought you never would land in a million years asking to set up an interview.  They may seem like nothing more than coincidences, but this isn’t the case.  Synchronicity is about the universe listening to what your heart is asking for and opening up the doors to get to it.  You will only be able to walk through them if you have your eyes ope, however.  And that’s what has been going on….Your eyes are opening and you’re being guided by the light.

6.  You will feel an “invisible” guide in the world around you

When you begin to trust that something is, in fact, changing in your life, you’ll begin to settle down.  The world will become quiet, especially at night, and you may begin to hear through your mind and heart, the quiet call of the Universe.  There will be a voice that speaks through you and into you giving your direction on where to go, what to do, how to act, etc.  This might be a bit frightening at first, but you’ll notice that it’s a gentle voice.  It is safe, comforting, loving, and caring.  It’s meant to be what will be there for you, and not to beat you into a decision that is poor for your life.  It’s worth listening, and seeing where it takes you.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll find something you never thought would ever happen in your life, ever.

Still unsure?  Remember that even electricity was once just a construct in someone’s mind.  Everything we see around us these days was once just an idea.  But it’s here now, so someone believed that they could, and did it.  You have the power to change your life.  You have the power to be the multi-dimensional human you were meant to be.


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  1. I feel beauty very easily, but there is a whole lot of turmoil in my life caused by a situation, so for me, that is the only thing I have notice. I always appreciate beauty, so that is nothing new!!

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