People’s First Impression Of You (In a few words), Based On Your Zodiac

Due to the fact that we form an opinion on anything and everything, and that includes other people, it only takes a couple of seconds to tell if you like someone or not, among other details. You may be seen as admirable because you are attentive and responsive while the other person is talking, and that makes you a great listener. You may come off overbearing when you are over confident, constantly talking about your achievements. First impressions tend be be based on an unconscious judgement, so it is likely that first impressions are, at times, misunderstood.

Are you tough enough to see what kind of first impression you leave on other people? The following list will give you an idea based on your zodiac, his and hers:


24. Aries Men: Masculine, Passionate, Self-Righteous

An Aries man is Mr. Macho Man. The first thing you notice is that he is well-groomed. His manliness is irresistible and he gives off a bad boy vibe. He, like an Aries woman, is competitive and loves a challenge. He may not seem passionate because of the way he presents himself, but his emotional side shows when he talks about the people he loves and cherish. The dark side of an Aries man is that he is stubborn and has a holier-than-thou attitude. He strongly believes that he is always in the right. There is no point trying to change his mind or even getting him to understand your point of view. His thoughts and opinions are set in stone. This trait can be seen as condescending to some people.

23. Taurus Men: Quiet, Patient, Moody

A Taurus man is quiet, reserved, and unfortunately pretty dull. He does not engage in conversation much, so he is more of a listener than a talker. His quiet trait is often calming and peaceful, but can also boring. He doesn’t get jokes or anything that’s humorous. It’s hard to have a conversation about anything for more than few minutes. It’s nice that he’s patient, but mostly to those who have a lot to say and only wants someone there to listen.

The other side of this man is that he is stubborn as a bull. Once he sets his mind on something, that’s it. The conversation is practically over after he shares his opinion. He might get angry if you insist on talking about it, especially when it’s going against what he said. He has strange mood swings.

22. Gemini Men: Insightful, Charming, Flaky

A Gemini man is a fascinating character. His diverse knowledge is what engages people in deep conversations. He views things differently from other people, and it enlightens them to see from his point of view. The bad part about this is, because Gemini twins are known to be fickle, Gemini man is often caught contradicting himself. Nonetheless, his ability to talk and hold conversation makes him sociable and a fun-loving person. He easily connects with everyone because of his sweet charms. Unfortunately, he is flaky regarding set plans. It’s possible that he may never been on time. He is likely to be late or even cancel at the very last minute. It is definitely frustrating to make plans with him, because you never know if he’s going to show up.

21. Cancer Men: Great Listener, Lover, Moody

A Cancer man is sweet and humble. He is an empathetic listener, who gives great, comforting advice. He is supportive and loves to help out in any way he can. In some ways, Cancer man shares “feminine traits” with Cancer woman. He has a way of picking up on things, like other people’s feelings, and acts cautiously around them. He is thoughtful and affectionate. He likes to pamper but also be pampered. These are all great qualities in a man, but because Cancer people are known to be intensely emotional and highly sensitive, it stands to reason that Cancer man has the tendency to be moody. His feelings are unpredictable, and his emotions change quickly. He hides in his shell one moment and is social the next.

20. Leo Men: Kind-Hearted, Expressive, Vain

A Leo man is vain. He is the Lion, the King of the Jungle, so go figure. It’s not hard to spot a Leo anywhere. He is always socializing with a group of people. He has irresistible charms. He loves being the center of attention; in fact, he craves it. Like Leo woman, Leo man also has a huge ego. He is expressive with his feelings. He can be a sweet talker if need be and ferocious when he doesn’t get the respect he thinks he deserves. As long as you don’t get in the way of his ego, he is actually a kind-hearted individual. Because he is the King, he is caring, responsible, and has a big heart to those who are kind to him.

19.Men: Observant, Perfectionist, Critical

A Virgo man is observant. His keen eye notices the smallest details most people are likely to miss. If there is a tiny string hanging off your shirt, he’ll definitely let you know. From the way he dress, he’ll never been seen dressed sloppily. Everything about him is neat. He is such a perfectionist. He definitely believes that the way you dress is how others will perceive the kind of person you are.

He, like a Virgo woman, is a critic. He’s self-conscious about his appearance and how he presents himself to other people. It gets the best of him and he loses touch with what’s in front of him because he’s holed up in his own flaws. He’s obsessed with himself and it’s not a good look on him.

18. Libra Men: Very Fair, Easy Going, Indecisive

A Libra Man is easygoing and fun to be around. His positive mindset is one of his biggest asset. He is a great listener and the signs are visible because he’s genuinely excited to get to know you and listen to what you have to say. On the other hand, one of his lesser traits is that he’s indecisive, just like a Libra woman. He weighs decisions too carefully and is unable to come up with a final decision.

He strongly believes that the world should be fair. When he talks about people’s rights, his eyes lit up. It seems like equality and world peace is important to him. He is all about that justice and of course, the sign for Libra is Scales. He also expects to be treated the way he treats you.

17. Scorpio Men: Magnetic, Fearless, Inquisitive

A Scorpio man has a mysterious appearance. Everyone notices him when he walks into the room because of his intense presence. You take one look into his piercing eyes, you can’t help but only focus on him because nothing else matters. He is very much magnetic. It’s hard not to look away or rather stare. When he looks into you, he looks into you real deep. He can see what you’re thinking and you feel exposed. There’s nothing you can do to feel less naked. Put on a coat? Wear a scarf? Nah.

He is fearless. A man, who is strong-willed and determined to get what he wants, is hot. Even though he’s the type of man a lot of people wouldn’t mind getting close to, he has his issues. One of them is that he is very inquisitive. He, unlike a Virgo woman, have a lot of questions because he literally wants to know everything about anyone he meets.

16. Sagittarius Men: Fun-Loving, Wise, Undisciplined

A Sagittarius man is a fun-loving individual who is wise and undisciplined. He’s like the wild child of the Zodiac in some ways. He uses his wittiness to cheer you up when you’re down, because he wants to see you smile. He is wise; he loves to teach as much as he loves to learn. His sign, the Archer, is known for his intellectual and that’s probably why a Sagittarius man is a logical thinker. He also loves to travel because he believes there is so much to learn in the world. He is excited to expand his knowledge.

He is often seen as undisciplined because of his lack of emotions. He, like a Sagittarius woman, is blunt, and being blunt can make him seem like someone who doesn’t have feelings.

15. Capricorn Men: Ambitious, Sensible, Pessimistic

A Capricorn man is often identified as a workaholic. Because of his strong ambitions, he strives to succeed and that’s all it matters. He is so committed to his work that he puts all his mind and heart into it. He is too consumed to think about anything else. The thought of failing upsets him. He is very serious about reaching his expectation. Obsessive much? No doubt. Boring? Yes.

He is a pessimist and it’s quite sad. Even with all his achievements and his hard work, he doesn’t seem to be satisfied. He feels like something bad is going to happen. He’s already thinking of all the possible ways. This is a man who is driven by fear. People need to cheer him up to lift him out of depression.

14. Aquarius Men: Outgoing, Witty, Rebellious

An Aquarius man is outgoing and truly lives in the moment. He is experimental, he is down to go skydiving or do anything adventurous and spontaneous. Even though he is charming to people around him, sometimes he distances himself from the crowd. This can be confusing for some people and, similar to an Aquarius woman, he is unpredictable. Nevertheless, he remains loyal to people in his life, so just get to know him better.

The element for Aquarius is Air, which shows that he is very smart. It can be pretty annoying for anyone in an argument with him. For one, he is clever. He knows so much that that it will be hard for him to be defeated. Well, also because he is fixed on his opinion, obviously. Aquarius is a fixed sign, so it’s reasonable. On a lighter note, he is also witty.

13. Pisces Men: Sympathetic, Hopeful, Emotional

A Pisces man is a gentle and sympathetic man. He doesn’t judge anyone before he puts himself in their shoes first. Everyone likes a man who is understanding of their situation. He is also humble, he believes that good things happen purely out of luck.

He’s emotional because he’s easily influenced by other people’s mood. He’s either depressed or happy because they are depressed or happy. This is one of the main reasons a Pisces man prefers to surround himself with optimists than pessimists. However, it can be conflicting because optimists are far less sensitive than he is and lack the ability to understand his feelings. Another reason for his sensitivity is that he does not handle stress and pressure well. Pisces is a sign of two fish swimming in the opposite direction; it’s pretty self-explanatory.


12. Aries Women: Lively, Confident, Aggressive

An Aries woman is full of life. When she walks through that door, she brings so much energy into the room. Her liveliness is so contagious that it will brighten anyone’s day. She is a woman who is out to win everything she goes after. She is confident and accepts all kinds of challenges. There are moments when she can be too aggressive and that can be a turn off. Her aggressiveness comes when she is told what to do and unless you want to be punched, go for it! It’s no wonder she is labeled as bossy. It may not be her intention, but she is an Aries after all. The fire sign in the zodiac, aka Ram, are natural born leaders. They take orders from no one.

11. Taurus Women: Loyal, Independent, Lazy

A Taurus woman is committed and loyal. Taurus belongs to the Earth, and is therefore dependable. She likes to assist people in times of need, like opening the door. She will listen your problems and support you whole-heartedly. She is a sweetheart. Besides being such a loving character, she is also a go-getter and is very independent. She goes after what she wants, at her own pace, and prefers to do it alone. She likes to make her own luck. Taurus is not likely to take risks because they prefer a sure thing, and this results in laziness. She can be viewed as lazy because she takes no action until she finds the right plan to achieve her goal. She is not as driven and assertive as other Zodiac signs.

10. Gemini Women: Clever, Spontaneous, Multiple Personality

A Gemini woman is clever and witty. It’s fun talking to her because she can talk about anything, literally. She transitions from one topic to another, even if there is no relevance, like from politics to celebrities. It’s pretty intriguing. She doesn’t believe that there is a limit to how much you can learn. Because she is so invested in interesting things, she despises boredom. She is open to new experiences and doesn’t mind stepping out of her comfort zone.

Gemini, the sign of Twins, is well known for its multiple personality. This causes a Gemini woman to constantly change how she feels. She’s friendly one moment, then annoyed the next, and so forth. She is unpredictable and is confused by her own complexity as well.

9. Cancer Women: Protective, Intuitive, Sensitive

A Cancer woman is protective. She will give off a motherly vibe and it makes sense, because Cancer is a mother zodiac for women. She likes to pamper and nurture. Cancer woman is very intuitive like a mother. Her decision is likely made by her gut feeling rather than on logic.

The sign is represented by a Crab, and it describes a Cancer woman in more ways than one. She may look cold and distant on the outside but she is actually sensitive and emotional on the inside. She lets her guard down once she is comfortable, but if her feelings are hurt, she will crawl back into her shell to hide. Because of her sensitivity, her emotions get to her quick. She is likely to stay away from the crowd until she is ready to come out again.

8. Leo Women: Outspoken, Playful, Egotistical

A Leo woman is brazen. She is loud and outspoken. She has an opinion on everything and is not afraid to share it. Leo is known as the King and Queen of the Zodiac because of their symbol, a Lion. She possesses strong charisma, she is entertaining, and she gives so much light. She loves to give out advices, because she has a say in everything. She has a playful image, always laughing and enjoying herself with other people. She is, most of the time, the center of attention, and you know what, she loves it! She is overall fun and all, but she is very protective of her ego. Maybe too much… Her self-esteem is so high that she will never talk to you or even look at you if you step on her feelings. Watch out for that!

7. Virgo Women: Down-To-Earth, Curious, Irritable

A Virgo woman is down to earth. She is sociable and friendly. Because she is practical, she is more realistic than she is imaginative. She is highly intelligent and is interested in everything and everyone. She doesn’t mean to pry; she genuinely wants to know. She asks you questions because she wants to get to know you better. It is another way for her to really see and get a sense of who people truly are with her analytical skills. That skill leads to one of her not-so-great traits. She is often seen as irritable, because she is constantly anxious and worrying, especially when things are not going the way she expects. She is her own enemy. It makes sense as to why she is so hard on herself; it’s because Virgo is the sign of critics.

6. Libra Women: Feminine, Sociable, Over Thinkers

A Libra Woman is a graceful and a classy lady. She is charming and sociable. She knows how to draw people in with her impressive communication skills. Her smile and her eyes, it’s hard to resist her and it’s clear that people admire her. However, do not be fooled by the way she dresses and her likes from everything fashion to beautiful things like art. She is far from just a pretty face. The element of Libra is Air, and therefore, she is intelligent. She can hold conversation with anyone of higher intellect because she’s easily inspired by many things. One of her flaws is that she’s an over thinker, especially when it comes to making a decision. She is so indecisive that she’s the wrong person to ask to make a choice.

5. Scorpio Women: Mysterious, Determined, Divas

A Scorpio woman is secretive, mysterious, and seductively attractive. She keeps her deep thoughts and feelings only to herself, which leaves you wondering what exactly is on her mind. Besides her secretive nature, she is also confident. When something doesn’t look right, she doesn’t just sit and dwell on it. She keeps her chin up and does something about it. She has faith in herself, and it’s all thanks to her strong determination.

If you feel like she’s being b*tchy for no reason, that just means you got on her bad side and she’s extremely irritated by you or doesn’t think you’re worth her time. She also has a lot of suspicions and when you are dishonest with her, you can say your goodbye because she will turn you away and never look back.

4. Sagittarius Women: Open-Minded, Animated, Blunt

A Sagittarius woman is open-minded with an open heart. She is not biased or quick to judge. She listens to what you have to say, whether it is an important decision you’ve made or a discussion on religion. Also, as a Sagittarius, she values freedom and sees herself as a world traveler. People are also attracted to her because of her lively and fun personality. She is optimistic, which leans toward a good trait, but her as an extrovert is not always great: she is a straight-forward person and she says what she feels. It can either be a breath of fresh air or it can rub people the wrong way, depends on how they take it. It may not be her intention, but her bluntness can hurt people’s feelings and that’s never good.

3. Capricorn Women: Funny, Driven, Headstrong

A Capricorn woman is funny and loves wit. Her humor is often dry or even sarcastic, and is likely to be misconstrued into something that wasn’t her intention. People can take her jokes too seriously or find them weird, which is unfortunate because once you get to really know her, you’ll laugh so hard. She really is funny in her own charming way.

She is one driven and headstrong lady. Capricorn’s sign is a goat, and goats are masters of survival. She is determined to go to the finish line to reach her goals. It doesn’t matter what roads she has to take to succeed as long as they get her there. She’s not the type to brag about her accomplishments. It’s admirable how she’s not only determined but also humble.

2. Aquarius Women: Quirky, Humane, Free Spirit

An Aquarius woman is a walking contradiction. She’s unpredictable, so it’s hard to figure her out. She’d be a social butterfly who’d suddenly turn into a lone wolf. She loves to engage in conversation with people. She is humane; she even partakes in charity organizations. She wants to make the world a better place and believes that it is possible. At first glance, she might seem like a hippie. She truly is a free spirit. She often wanders into her own little world, disregarding everyone and everything around her. There’s probably a million things in her mind. She often zones out and her mind goes into her imagination because she needs a break from the world. An Aquarius gains power from being alone. She sure is an original.

1. Pisces Women: Shy, Selfless, Over-Sensitive

A Pisces woman may come off standoffish, and that’s only because she’s shy. The element of a Pisces is Water and it means self-protective. A Pisces woman is an introvert who is also emotionally sensitive. It takes some time for her to let anyone in to her life. She will be a great companion once she lets you in. She loves and cares deeply, she is loyal, and she is selfless. She finds inner peace by helping other people and through art like painting and music. She is often times empathetic towards other people’s difficulties and, in this way, people feel like she really understands.

One of the negative traits about a Pisces woman is that she is over-sensitive. Even the smallest thing that is said to her can hurt her feelings. She will isolate herself and think about all the bad things that’s happened to her and cry about it.


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