Personality Test: What Is The One Thing Holding You Back From Love

Your personality is a combination of your opinion about things, how this opinion makes you feel and the way you react depending on your opinion. Because this reaction can make you difficult to handle situations, it is important to really understand who you are, how you think, how you feel, and whether your behavior is in harmony with your personality.

Perhaps it’s really easy to find out who else is, but when it comes to you, you may need a lifetime. With this test you will discover which are your biggest weaknesses in love and how they destroy your love life. All you have to do is look at the picture and pay attention to the first thing you noticed. In the following, read what this means.

1. Tied man

If the tied person is the first thing you noticed, your personality is constantly in conflict. This does not necessarily mean that you are literally in conflict with the whole world around you. In a way, you are constantly waging war with yourself. So if you want to find real love with someone, you must first find love in you. It is hard for you to accept yourself, as well as to accept your strengths and weaknesses, and everything between them. The battle for inner peace is not easy, but sometimes you deserve rest from all those conflicts. Respect for your hard work, do not be strict to yourself, accept and love will come.

2. Fence

If you notice the fence, your biggest weakness is that you are closing in front of everyone. This does not mean that there is no hope for you or that your heart is more harmful than others. But if you do not risk and open your heart soon, you can omit the possibility of true love. It is natural and natural to try to protect yourself if you previously hurt, but if you are constantly building walls, not only do not let anyone in, but you can not go out. It’s easy to put a shield, but it can be really hard to lower it. So start with small steps. Get to know people and get up at a pace that suits you. If you do not take risks, you will not get anything.

3. Boat

Your problem is that you set such high standards that almost no one on earth can reach them. It’s important to know what you want in love and not to satisfy yourself with less than you deserve, but when you are too strict, you can drop a person who has many other qualities that you do not want to see. It’s not wrong to want a family, an incredible career, and a partner who loves the same things as you, but when you are too specific in your requirements, you lose touch with reality and what represents love. Of course, stick to your dreams and set yourself high standards for people who are potential partners. But keep in mind that this perfect fantasy can prevent you from finding the love you need to experience.

4. Skull

If the first thing you noticed is the skull, your care and anxiety are the ones that ruin your love affair. You may have anxiety, or just worry too much. But in any case, excessive vigilance does not allow you to see the beauty of life. This includes your soul mate who may be standing next to you. It’s okay to be careful, but when it comes to love, you’ll lose a lot if you care about all the things that can go wrong. There will always be things that will scare you, but this should not stop you from living your life. Also, you should not hide your fears from your partner. In fact, when you are honest with him, you can get closer even more.

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  1. I saw the tied man first & what it said was right. When, I was living with my parents, my mother denied me the privilege of loving myself, because it was selfish. I was brought up to do for others, especially her. I don’t even know how to love me. I’m married, but it’s difficult, he’s PTSD.

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