TEST: Choose The Pen (Feather) You Like And It Will Reveal Your Personality!

How interesting would this universe be, if everything looked the same?

The reason why we distort the shapes of extraterrestrial life is because we are always chasing something new, or different.

We have over 7 billion personalities co-existing on this planet; each unique in their own way. It is impossible to correctly generalize upon any one personality type.

However, through years of research, expert psychoanalysts have clubbed certain personality types into groups. Your persona is dependent on several criterion: upbringing, peer influence, exposure, etc. Psychologists have recently created an experiment that uses shape and color to reveal more about your personality.

Among the five feathers in the image – you pick one and observe what it reveals about your self:


You avoid conflict at all costs. You mostly prefer calm surroundings. Sometimes, when people talk too much early in the morning, it makes your head explode.

You gel well with your peers, and make friends easily. You’re actually quite popular for your enigma.

Your weakness is your inability to say ‘no’. Some think you’re a pushover, and some others misuse your compassion. But none of it matters to you because you’re hell-bent on being a good person.


In Darwin’s world of the fittest, you would win. Talent is your middle-name. You know too many things for your own good.

Your perfectionism weighs heavily on you. Not only do you don’t rest with inferior work, but you don’t accept it from others either.

Solitude is preferable to you because it helps you gather your thoughts. But your absence sometimes hurts friendships. However, you choose your sanity over all else.


You are a powerhouse. You love exploring new things, and do not settle for boredom.

In most cases, you are an overachiever. You set goals as high as your standards, and train to achieve them.

You are vested with the strength to lead battalions. However, you must choose your comrades wisely. Some friendships could potentially cause you grief.


You’re a no-nonsense soul. You know exactly who you are, and stick by it. Surprisingly, you have your head in the clouds quite often.

Some think you’re overbearing because of your unshakable stand on situations. You’re also impossible to cheat.

You’re the kind of adult that seeks reasons behind everything, and offers the same in your own behavior. You are not ruled completely by impulse.

You beat yourself up over perfectionism. Remember, that you’re human. You’re allowed to make mistakes. Strive to make your art better, but don’t kill yourself in the process.


You breathe art. You are gifted with intuition and immense talent for creating.

What holds you back is your self-confidence. It is lower than the last layer of Hell. It makes you constantly question your abilities, and mars the possibility of achievement. Don’t let it hold you back.

You do not take your work for granted, and strive till the last detail is in place. You do the best you can for the human beings around you.

For all the love you show others, be a little kind to yourself. Overcome your inhibitions, they aren’t greater than you are.

So what was your choice? Are the results accurate?

Source: simplecapacity.com

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TEST: Choose The Pen (Feather) You Like And It Will Reveal Your Personality!

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