Quiz: Choose Your Throne and Discover How Will End 2017 for You

After all the challenges that you have faced over the past period, what will be the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018?

Do you feel that your time has gone fast? Days, weeks, months passing in a blink of an eye.

Somehow we approached the end of 2017.

Throne 1

The challenges you have been fighting with, you will left them behind you. In the new year you will enter bravely, full of promises and excitement. Your focus will be on the solutions instead of the problems that you had, and you will find the best possible result of any situation.

In the new year you will wake up feeling happy and enthusiastic about life. You will forget the troubles of 2017 and focus on the wonderful things that 2018 has prepared for you.

Throne 2

The end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 will be the beginning of the changes for the better. All your worries and fears will be set aside, because you will feel ready for the changes that you want to see in yourself.

You will look back with a smile for the year that has passed and you will laugh even louder on things that are ahead of you in 2018. Prepare for year full of happiness, love and excitement.

Throne 3

You will look backwards with satisfaction and happiness.  You will be free from the stress that your life has made and you will feel ready to grab every new day of 2018 with love and hope.

You will have confidence in people that you previously lacked. You will radiate with confidence and you will receive compliments from the people around you. You will be brave as never before.

Throne 4

Expect love, happiness and success in the next year. You will say goodbye to the negativity of the past year and you will welcome the optimism. You will have faith and implement solutions that can improve your life. You will feel better and you will believe more in your instincts. All current problems will become past and you will see the good in yourself and in the others.

Throne 5

You will look at the year that passed with a smile and you will know that even better things are yet to come. 2018 will bring you love, happiness and peace in every aspect of life. You will face plenty of possibilities for your self-development  and you will shine.

It will seems like you are dreaming, because every day you will face more happiness like never before.

You will get rid of all the pain in the past and in the new year you will enter calmly.

Throne 6

2017 will end in a powerful way for you, but 2018 will be even better. It will be filled with peace and happiness for you and your loved ones. Now everything is fine, but the new year brings successes that you can not even imagine. 2018 will be your year of good luck, love and excitement.

Source: davoicee.com

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Quiz: Choose Your Throne and Discover How Will End 2017 for You

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