Science Explains Why Some People See Ghosts, And Others Don’t

Science explains the reasons behind supernatural experiences.

Have you ever experienced a supernatural presence? Have you seen a ghost or felt its presence in your vicinity? Have you felt cold in a strange way and could never tell why? Or do you know someone who swears that they have experienced ghosts or they usually find a ghostly presence in their house? They may not be lying.

On the other hand, there are quite a few people who would like to experience ghosts but they fail miserably. They might go to haunted places in search of ghosts, they may visit graveyards looking for one and they may even try ouija boards to get in touch with spirits but get disappointed. Why don’t they get to see or experience a ghost, no matter how hard they try? The answer lies in science.

Fear Of Ghosts

A lot of us are genuinely scared of ghosts. The very thought of darkness and the unknown fills us with dread. We are reminded of all the horror movies we have ever seen and we picture almost all the horror stories we have ever heard. We hype ourselves and fill our heads with their thoughts.

People who fear ghosts to this extent would usually be the ones to reveal supernatural experiences that they have faced. It is usually that their minds are so oriented that they may see a normal thing but interpret it differently. They may feel cold and attribute it to a ghost’s presence. It is, in fact, their minds that play on their fears, making their fears come to life.

People who aren’t scared of ghosts to this extent, on the other hand, are not preoccupied with their thoughts. They, therefore, are more rational when they observe something out of the ordinary. They try to find the reason behind a phenomenon and do not attribute it to ghosts.

Oxygen Deprived

A lot of us suffer from a phenomenon called cerebral anoxia wherein our brains do not get the sufficient supply of oxygen for regular functioning. It may be because of habits like smoking or something else that our bodies cannot supply enough oxygen to the brains.

A brain which is deprived of oxygen plays tricks on you. It may make you hallucinate and you may end up seeing things that don’t exist or experiencing things that never happened. things like having an outer-body experience have also been traced to oxygen deprivation and it is no surprise that a person could see a ghost in this state.

Oxygen deprivation, when combined with the fear of ghosts could really induce a supernatural experience which has nothing to do with ghosts. It has more to do with our minds and our bodies than something which exists beyond our realm of senses.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

How often have you heard the person who experienced something supernatural say that they felt things like dizziness, nausea, confusion, auditory hallucinations, shortness of breath, etc.? They usually attribute these sensations to the supernatural but they may not know that they may have been affected by Carbon Monoxide.

Carbon Monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas which induces all the above sensations and people usually don’t even know that they have been breathing it. Studies have revealed that majority of places which have been claimed as ‘haunted’ have had high levels of Carbon Monoxide in their environment due to one reason or the other and it had nothing to do with any ghost.


Insomnia is when you may try to sleep but no matter what you just can’t find yourself at peace. The sleeplessness becomes overwhelming and the sleep-deprived mind can play the most brutal tricks with you. Insomnia and tiredness can easily be the reason someone experiences sensations which aren’t supernatural but appear so.

Electromagnetic Waves

Almost all of us are surrounded by electrical appliances, electrical wires, and other equipment which create strong electromagnetic fields around them. These electromagnetic fields interfere with our biological setup and the electromagnetic field which our minds create. Hallucinations and weird sensations are a direct result of these interferences, conjuring ghosts out of thin air.

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