Scientists Discover People Who Are Awake Can Influence Dreams of Sleeping People Using ‘Telepathy’

“Dream Telepathy?” Yes, that’s right, I know it sounds like something straight of a Science-Fiction movie, but it is much more Real than we have been made to believe thus far. We are talking about the idea that some People have the ability to communicate with another being while they are asleep and dreaming. Which in essence, is only a varying form of, or cousin to, the ability known as Lucid Dreaming.

Generally speaking, scientific interest in Telepathy, and other similar Meta-Physical Abilities, is not something in a state of lack. In fact, these Fringe Science Studies have been around for quite a number of years now. It is no secret that most all great minds (Living/Deceased) emanate encouragement towards disembarking on the study of many differing types of “Non-Physical Phenomena.” In the 1960’s, Montague Ullman, MD.(more on Montague here), carried out several experiments at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. These studies intended on investigating the theory that people could be primed to dream about material that had been randomly selected.

What this means, is that People would dream about things they chose to dream about before they started their slumber. These experiments went on for the larger part of a decade, where they usually looked something like this:

~ These Two (2) met briefly in a Lab and were then placed in separate rooms prior to falling asleep.

~ The T.S.(Telepathic Sender) would have a sealed envelope waiting for them in their room.

~ There would be a Drawing or Picture contained within this Envelope.

~ After the T.S. was made aware of these contents: Both People would proceed towards going to Sleep.

~ Then the T.R.(Telepathic Receiver) was woken up after reaching “Rapid-Eye Movement” Sleep, or R.E.M. Cycle Sleep.

In doing these steps along with others not included above, Researchers are able to compile then analyze this recorded data of the processes and results discovered. Constructing a ‘Snapshot of the Dream’, or rather, a ‘Dream Report,’ in consequence. Upon reflection on these studies, Researcher’s Dream Reports, we can conclude that they seem to have come up with some immensely promising Results. One such Report, in which a picture copy of Edgar Degas’, “School of Dance,” was transferred via this process from the T.S. to the T.R. who mentioned ~~

“I was in a class made up of, maybe, half a dozen people, it felt like School. There was One (1) little girl that was trying to dance with me. …”

The implications that these could have on ‘Studies of the Consciousness’ and/or the Doors these studies appear to open, “Doors of Perception,” we were previously oblivious to the existence of, are astounding and quite frankly, Reality shattering. It is still a teeny bit out of reach yet, our understanding of how this ‘Sharing’ of information works, that is. We do, however, know that it CAN and DOES happen.

Exciting research, would you not say? My personal feelings on it would say so, and it is safe to say I am not alone in holding this conviction. Various People of incommensurate ‘Social Status,’ differing platforms of Stardom or Fame seem to be; Not only severely engrossed, though also involved with actionable intent, in these Experimental Study Groups and revealing results thereof. Among those people, extremely popular and influential Rock Legends group, “Grateful Dead,” have even participated in these Dream-Telepathy Sessions. {Grateful Dead Dream Telepathy Sessions}

Where, would your ‘Level of Interest’ if quantified, rest on a ‘Rating Scale’?? Far-Left of the spectrum being, “None, Whatsoever!” In opposition, Far-Right existing as, “You are stoked to register for a session tomorrow, at First Light!” Have you, your self, ever attempted to decide on a predetermined subject to Dream about, before lying your Body to rest for your travels to “The Land of Nod???” ((Did it work??)) Only Time (and further scientific inquiry), will gift us more knowledge and additional understanding to exactly how this intriguing transfer of Thought, or Consciousness, is achieved. This particular ‘Field of Study’ within the realm of Meta-Physical (Pseudo)Science is merely the tippy-top tip of a ginormous Iceberg. An Ice-Giant, which is none other than the unfathomable Truth of just how truly phenomenal our Minds are/can be, afloat in the waters of curiosity and uncertainty it ebbs and flows violently and freely adrift about the vast Unknown.


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