TEST: Choose One Of These Images And Discover Your Current State Of Mind

Even if we have a strong personality, our state of mind can change at any moment. It could be due to work, emotions or other external factors.

If you want to find out a little more about your state of mind, choose one of the following images:

Results (beginning from the image at the top left):

Number 1

You’re relaxed, humorous and jovial. You see life as an opportunity to be free and spontaneous, and you enjoy every moment. Have you ever heard the phrase “you only live once”? This phrase defines you. You look for new experiences, you’re curiosity is insatiable and you’re not afraid of change. You prefer to take risks and try something new rather than feeling limited by your circumstances. You like surprises.

Number 2

You are independent and don’t like the conventional. You always follow your own path and disregard your limitations. You have artistic abilities and enjoy showing them at work or in your free time. You like freedom so much that you’re unpredictable. You live according to your own ideas and beliefs, even if you have to swim against the tide.

Number 3

You’re probably a sensitive person. You like to meditate and reflect about yourself and the world around you. You can’t stand the superficial. You prefer a moment alone than any senseless conversation. But you establish strong bonds with your true friends. That brings you inner peace and good health. You don’t get bored easily, even in solitude.

Number 4

You’re virtuous, balanced and harmonious. You prefer simplicity and all things natural, which makes others feel comfortable around you. You’re down-to-earth and trustworthy. You like to provide security to your loved ones, but without being overprotective. They see you as a loving and kind person. You don’t like the trivial and don’t follow fashion trends. You prefer practical, yet elegant clothing.

Number 5

You’re a pragmatic professional and have a lot of confidence in your abilities. You have life under control and don’t leave anything to chance. You resolve problems with simple, uncomplicated solutions. You’re realistic, but you know how to make good decisions.

It’s possible you hold a position of responsibility at work, because others trust in your ability to take charge. Your mental strength is well received by others and you aren’t satisfied until you finish what you’ve started.

Number 6

You love peace, like to reflect and don’t like aggression. You’re easy to get along with, but you’re also cautious. You can make friends easily, but you also enjoy your independence and privacy. It doesn’t bother you to spend time in the company of friends, but from time to time you also need a rest to reflect about life. Your space is sacred, so it’s possible you have a favorite place which nobody else knows about. But it’s not like you’re a hermit. You are at peace with yourself and with those around you.

Number 7

You’re a dynamic, active and extroverted person. You like to take on risks and aren’t afraid of commitment, whether at work or in a social situation. Routine is your biggest weakness, so you always try to remain active. The decisions you take won’t always make everybody happy, but your true friends are those who stick by your side throughout all of the changes.

Number 8

You’re a romantic person and a dreamer, with a sensitive character. You refuse to see things from an exclusively rational point of view. To you, feelings and emotions are more important. It’s important to you to dream and imagine. You’re not interested in surrounding yourself with people who don’t believe in romanticism and prefer logic. If something limits the range of your emotions and feelings, you reject it immediately.

Source: Wikr


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