Stephen Hawking Warns: Higgs Boson can destroy the universe in a cosmic death bubble at any time!’

Stephen Hawking has made various predictions of doom and disaster over time. Just lately, Hawking warned that artificial intelligence was advancing at such a rate that it might render humanity insignificant and extremely vulnerable within the power construction on the world. However, the renowned theoretical physicist has now provide you with what’s arguably his most drastic declare yet. He has warned ‘cosmic death bubble’ could emerge at any time and may have the power to destroy the whole known universe.

Hawking and other specialists within the field believe fundamental change within the energy state of the universe might prompt a process often known as ‘catastrophic vacuum decay’. This could result in an extremely fast-expanding vacuum bubble which might tear through the universe, consuming all the things that it comes into contact with.

The Higgs potential has the worrisome feature that it might become metastable at energies above 100bn gigaelectronvolts (GeV). This could mean that the universe could undergo catastrophic vacuum decay, with a bubble of the true vacuum expanding at the speed of light. This could happen at any time and we wouldn’t see it coming.

However where did this idea come from? All of it started in 1964 when Peter Higgs, as part of a big group of physicists found the Higgs boson particle. The Higgs boson accompanies an invisible energy field which is chargeable for mass call a Higgs field. This discovery was a breakthrough at the time which filled a substantial hole in the Standard Model of particle physics which explained three of the 4 fundamental forces within the universe: electromagnetic, strong, and weak forces.

The group used data collected at CERN’s Massive Hadron Collider to measure the value of the Higgs boson mass. They found it was approximately 125 gigaelectronvolts (GeV) which are believed to be the mass required to keep the identified universe at a metastable state. Nevertheless, it appears as if the energy state of the Higgs field could also be gradually changing as time goes on. In the meanwhile, it’s in a state of minimum potential energy, however it’s possible that it could transform into one other state. If it occurred to migrate into a state of lower energy, then it would transform into a vacuum that could expand through the universe at the speed of light. This would trigger a catastrophic event which is usually known as the Higgs doomsday.

Fortunately, physicists consider that if this event ought to happen it is not going to be for many billions of years.

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Stephen Hawking Warns: Higgs Boson can destroy the universe in a cosmic death bubble at any time!’

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