TEST: Choose One Road That Attracts You The Most, And Learn What Awaits You!

1. The road

You like the simple and convenient way of life. The layout is drawn, the rules are known to you, so you feel confident. Besides, a lot of other travelers have traveled this road so it seems to you like the right road to go on. Once you have learned the rules of the “life” movement, you will change your life depending on the direction, skillfully avoiding obstacles in your path.

2. Off-road

Pioneers are fearless and brave people. You are one of them. You are the one who is able to open a new path and be a leader of the people. You’ll gladly take the responsibility in your own hands and you don’t like making excuses.

The main thing for you is the goal to which you are going with a confident step.
Difficulties only make you try harder. And even if no one dares to go after you, this will not reduce your passion and desire to move forward to conquer new spaces and places!

Your life is a kaleidoscope of adventure. You find your own path and overcome obstacles yourself. You are confident in your abilities and know how to find a way out of any situation.

3. Railway track

On one hand, such a road will usually take you to the designated point. But at the same time it’s quite inconvenient to walk along such a road, because it’s difficult to adjust the distance between the rails. You need to take either small steps or large steps. You can’t take a normal step.

Walking on this road, you quickly get tired, straying from the dimension of life. Often when you start walking, you fall … You vary between success and failure and you are a moody person. But do not forget that at any moment there may be a train coming that can dramatically change your life. Are you ready for this?

4. Asphalt track

A paved and solid road you can take without much risk. There is no strict marking: you can go anywhere. But still there are some rules you have to comply with, so as not to drop out suddenly to the side of life.
It seems that you are an individualist. But if you treat yourself more objectively, you will see that you easily prefer individuality to “favorable conditions of the collective”. You enjoy the comfort and the relaxation in life.

5. A narrow path

The desire to be different prevails in your decisions. For the sake of the path that is to your heart, you are able to give up the comfort in your life.

You are bored to go the beaten track. Only uncharted horizons can be an inspiration to you. And even if no one knows where this path can lead, you will take it. You are happier walking among the sounds of nature along the unfamiliar trail than to slowly follow the crowd along a convenient road.

6. Country road

Not the closest, not the most convenient and not the easiest way. But you are happy taking the long road among the open space. Not many people take this road, so there is an opportunity to reflect and to slowly move forward. You appreciate solitude, and temporary solitude is even healing for you.

Where does this road lead? Only you know this. If you want civilization and dynamism, go to the shining lights of the high-speed road of life, and if your soul yearns for peace – you will find a quiet corner in a small community. The choice is always yours!

7. Gravel road

Walking along this road, you can easily tire your legs. If this is a temporary situation, there will be no special problems. You have the opportunity to compare this road to other roads and find what really suits you in life.

But a long walk on this rough surface can be tiring and painful for you and may lead to a frequent bad mood and discontent with life. Is this road worth the eternal melancholy in your heart?

8. The park path

You prefer to have the choice made for you instead of you making the big decisions. You are quite satisfied that the park path is laid by someone in a certain way. You notice that the creator of this path took into account not only his own tastes, but also took care of you. At the same time, you like to get aesthetic pleasure, without risking anything.

You are often afraid of taking responsibility. Maybe it was always like this or this is just your current state … But by shifting your personal problems to stronger shoulders, you go through life without worrying too much and wanting to enjoy every moment. And at that moment you are happy with yourself and with your choice.


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