TEST: Pick A Tree To Learn Your Life Forecast For 2018

This quick test will tell you exactly what you should expect in 2018.

Approaching, many of us are busy wondering what next year is going to be like. The curiosity in you can finally be satisfied with this fun picture test. The test includes nine pictures, each with a different type of tree. Your job is to look through the pictures of all the trees and decide which one appeals to you the most. This can be hard, but you just need to look at each picture and really think about whether you feel you relate to the emotions the photo gives you. Are you ready to find out what next year has in store for you?

1) Willow Tree

You are outgoing and fun. Most people describe you as the life of the party. You can’t stand a normal or boring routine and you’re constantly searching for new things to do. 2018 is the year that you finally find your stride. 2018 is going to be the year that you find something you’re wildly passionate about that suits your outgoing and adventurous attitude.

2) Chestnut Tree

You are an idealist, a romanticist, and a radical optimist. You believe that your dreams can come true and you don’t care what the haters think. You know deep down what is really important in life and you don’t like people who are materialistic. 2018 is going to be the year you finally meet someone who is as much of a dreamer as you. You will meet someone who will love to fantasize about the future with you and who values love above all else. 2018 will be the year you find someone just like you – a true romantic.

3) Linden Tree

You are intuitive and detail-oriented. This makes you extremely perceptive to the needs of others. You have a good perspective on life and you remember what is important and what isn’t. In 2018 a person will come into your life who is as perceptive as you and enjoys the same hobby as you coincidentally. This person could turn into a lifelong friend.

4) Poplar Tree

You enjoy peaceful solitude. While you do enjoy spending time with friends, you find an important harmony in life that brings you a certain level of peace which you enjoy. In 2018 someone will try to get you out of your comfort zone. They will try to share in this peace and harmony that you’ve found and you will like it. They will open your eyes to new things and experiences.

5) Oak Tree

You are a risk taker because you know that fortune only favors the bold and the brave. You’re an optimist with a bright outlook on life. You wake up every morning ready to seize the day. In 2018 your passion and ambition will bring you all sorts of exciting opportunities. Of course, being the outgoing and adventurous type of person you are, you’ll probably take on these challenges with zeal.

6) Cedar Tree

You are self-sufficient and self-reliant almost all of the time. You can hold your own in almost any situation. When you stay committed to yourself and your work your ambitions can know no bounds. 2018 is going to bring you financial prosperity – especially if you stand by your convictions and your intuition.

7) Maple Tree

You are very perceptive and sensitive towards others. You always show a lot of empathy and you are kind and gentle to everyone you meet. You are so sweet to everyone that there is no doubt that in 2018 you will find a romantic connection. You don’t need to always be in a relationship but romantic relationships seem to find you. People are attracted to your kind heart.

8) Elm Tree

You are the definition of stability. People count on you for a lot and you’re always there for them. You’re someone who can be counted on and in 2018 someone special is going to notice that about you. You’re a good, reliable and decent human being. Luckily for you in 2018 you are going to find someone special who appreciates all of those qualities.

9) Birch Tree

You are hard working, confident, and determined. The fruits of your labor should definitely pay off in 2018 especially if you continue the hard work and conviction that you’ve shown over the past year. In 2018 you will be recognized for your hard work, people will finally take notice of your dedication, especially if they haven’t noticed before.

Source: davidwolfe.com

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