TEST: Receive A Beautiful Butterfly Message From Spirit

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Butterfly Message from Spirit 1:

Your butterfly message is: Your angels are asking you to please love and accept yourself as much as you accept and love those around you. You always do your best to look at others in a positive light and give the benefit of the doubt. Now it is time to give yourself that same respect and remember how awesome you are. You are such a Divine Being of Light and a huge gift to the world around you! You should always remember this and watch carefully how you think and speak to yourself.

Butterfly Message from Spirit 2:

Your angel message is: You’ve been working too hard lately! Take some time out today to enjoy yourself! Things have been a bit stressful lately and you deserve some time off. Find joy in any little moment or beauty that surrounds you and everyday life. By simply being present in the moment and enjoying the fruits of the hard labor that you have been putting out lately, you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed as you move forward!

Butterfly Message from Spirit 3:

Your angel message is: The law of attraction is a very real thing and you may be wondering lately what’s wrong with your connection to it! Make sure that you are not operating in the energy of wanting, but moving through the energy of knowing that it is already yours. You have lost a little bit of connection lightly to the Divine Source of all that is and the universe that surrounds you. You may be trying to over control the situation or do it all on your own and the angels are here to remind you that you have help if you will simply let go of that feeling that you need to control your own destiny. Take a moment to remember that your destiny is already within you and all you need to do is ease into it and allow it to manifest around you.

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  1. This is getting weird!! I’ll bet there is a science to this, because what I pick out is almost always right. It;s very uncanny. I’m going through a VERY stressful time & I work hard & long to try to forget. My friend, makes me go out twice a month. she takes me to the park, to walk & just talk & try to figure things out. I’m really into this subject, so I take time to explore its wonders. Take time to appreciate beauty & beautiful music & now, enjoy the Christmas season & then, there is no more time left!!

TEST: Receive A Beautiful Butterfly Message From Spirit

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