The Lightworker Oracle – Choose a Card and See The Message You Must Hear

These are gorgeous guides that connect with divine light, help us accelerate our spiritual evolution and develop a connection with a higher spiritual guidance. Whether you are just beginning or have been on a conscious spiritual path for some time, these guides will help you open up to the unconditionally loving higher spiritual worlds, walk the path of healer, lightworker or spiritual mentor for others on the path.



The Second Ray of Wisdom is a consciousness of loving wisdom straight from the heart of the Universe. It amplifies the magnetic power of attraction, empowering you to pull into your life ll that is needed for your life’s work. It brings the opportunity to heal, restore and understand through the power of love, and the light of ancient wisdom. The spiritual master known as the Buddha is with you, now, to help you fully receive and integrate the blessing of this ray of light from the Universe.

This is the energy of the open and loving heart of the Universe. It is inclusive, drawing all things towards it with an invisible magnetism. It is gifted to you t this time to help you attract into your life the people, opportunities and teachings that will help you succeed in your life mission.

The challenge with this ray is that it is so magnetic and attractive, is learning to discern and say “no” when you need to. Imagine a fisherman who casts a very wide net and catches most of the ocean in it! Not everything is useful or even desired by the fisherman. While some things are gratefully accepted by the fisherman, other things are best returned to the ocean where they belong.

Being able to trust in future abundance is important. You will not need to hold on to every opportunity, person or situation out of fear of loss or lack. Instead, you are learning to live in true abundance and flow. Practise feeling comfortable in letting go, as well as receiving. Trust that the Universe has all that you want and need in unlimited supply. The Universe will truly provide for you dear child of light.


When the gift of the Seventh Ray enters your life, something new is being formed, something that will benefit your world. There may be an increased interest in magic, ceremony and ritual for healing purposes. Resonating with high frequency violet light and the Archangel Zadkiel, the Seventh Ray also helps transmute energy from the lower to higher frequency. It is a spiritual cleansing agent that allows the truth of spiritual freedom, empowerment and choice to be seen and felt, restoring hope and joy to the heart.

The Seventh Ray is the push and pull between the old and new – the life that has been can no longer continue in that form, and the new life that wants to evolve from the old. It honours traditions and ancestral wisdom that serve new life. You are asked to balance your attachment to what has been with an openness to the new. It is a time to fearlessly question what has been, honour what continues to hold value for you and dismiss what no longer serves you.

The Seventh Ray also creates form from invisible, intangible spiritual energy. These are the inspired solutions and synchronicities that seem to come out of nowhere. They are signs of the divine order happening. The Seventh Ray brings an alignment with that divine order, and the more you are willing to invoke nd allow that energy to bless you, the more your life will align itself with the genius of creativity, solutions and loving opportunities the Universe wants to bring to your world.

The gifts of ritual, order and ceremony are ways to attract this energy. Conscious ceremony, done in service to unconditional divine love, feeds a need for sacred embodiment. It is the hunger with the soul that many seek to feed through religion – and others through the less conscious rituals of addiction. Ritual can be something that keeps you stuck, or opens you to the sacred.

The gift of the Seventh Ray is the ability to live as an embodied, divine presence. For humans who don’t trust or even recognise the love of the Divine in their hearts as yet, those who do are are great supporters. Use loving ritual to invite divine presence to fill you and your life. Use your consciousness to clean up your own energy field and the energy field of the world around you, so the Divine can show its face more clearly. The comfort of this can help free all beings from anguish and suffering.


As you meditate, remain true to what inspires your heart and commit to your spiritual path, you become an increasingly powerful healer. You are here to live your own life, to be true to what genuinely moves you. The unconditionally loving guide and Ascended Master Serapis Bey comes to you now with a blessing of master healing to further your path.

You are asked to tune into your heart. What do you love enough to overcome any obstacle to attain it? What motivates and inspires you? Not what seem possible or practical, but what is authentic? We are most powerful when we serve authentically from the heart. A bird might learn how to dive under water from time to time, but it is never going to be its most powerful if it has to live underwater. It would struggle to thrive if it were to force itself into such unnatural expressions of its life energy. The bird yearns so fly because that is its divine nature and purpose. You too have divine nature and purpose, and your heart holds the clue. What feels most like you?

It is difficult to access the truth of our own nature when we believe we should live up to the expectations of others. If we are attached to an outcome or afraid of an answer, we can unintentionally block our perceptive faculties – a spiritual version of sticking our fingers in our ears and shouting, “blah, blah, blah!” The blessing of Serapis Bey includes his clear flame of divine cleansing light. This can assist us in letting go of whatever blocks us from knowing the truth of our nature.

When we are willing to be who we are, the Universe can more easily guide us to fulfil our destinies, Serapis Bey will help you see yourself truthfully. You my gain feedback from others that helps you understand the value of what you share. Or you may simply find it easier to view yourself objectively, with a compassionate, appreciative and discerning inner eye. As you lean and accept who you are, you become a more powerful vibration for masters to put to use in the plan of love.

If you have a dream in your heart, know that is has been placed there for divine purpose. What you dream and desire contains the seed of divinity. It is meant to help attract your life mission and fulfill it with love, joy creativity and pleasure.


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