This is How Empaths Are Affected by Natural Disasters

It’s been a long few weeks for empaths with several catastrophic events taking place.

Empaths are people who can feel what others are feeling and the intensity of those feelings. Empaths are able to feel what it’s like being in the shoes of another person. They are unique people with a determination to understand the perspectives and struggles that other people are going through or have gone through.

Hurricane Harvey hit landfall on August 25, 2017 in several parts of Texas. This was and continues to be a tragedy as hundreds of thousands of people and families who don’t know where they will be living tomorrow or the next day.

The state of terror and fear victims of this catastrophic event feel day in and day out is intense and it doesn’t seem to be easing up anytime soon. How are they going to live? Where is their next meal coming from? Do they have their medication? These are just some of the questions many victims of Hurricane Harvey are asking.

It’s anxiety-provoking for empaths. They want to help and lift the worries of the victims from them. Many empaths would most likely want to trade positions and lift the pain and worry from victims completely. They would do just about anything to relieve someone’s pain and anxiety.

During the broadcast of the news continued on Hurricane Harvey, anxiety and nerves started settling in for empaths as a wave of discomfort consumed them. Empaths are uncomfortable when they are ultimately helpless in situations such as natural disasters.

Discomfort swarmed over them because there was absolutely nothing they could do to prevent Hurricane Harvey from touching down and wreaking havoc on so many people. The coverage filled empaths with great sadness and pain at their inability to help.

It was and continues to be a stab in the chest every time pictures of the flooding or videos from Hurricane Harvey are played. Many empaths affected by Hurricane Harvey may offer their efforts in volunteering to help in towns that were affected.

There have been multiple wildfires on the West coast recently with some in California, Oregon, and Montana. Some areas had to be evacuated and hundreds of people wouldn’t be able to tell you where they were sleeping that night or the night after.

As I write this, there is currently a Category 5 hurricane, Irma, that made landfall early this morning. This was anticipated for quite some time and continues to veer on a destructive but unknown path. Behind Hurricane Irma is Tropical Storm Jose and in the Gulf of Mexico, there is Tropical Storm Katia.

More likely than not, empaths have been filled with extreme anxiety and nervousness for those who will be affected by these natural disasters. They may cry or become filled with anger because of the utter helplessness they feel as they’re unable to prevent Mother Nature from running its course.

Empaths feel the emotions and feelings of others more intensely and feels more real to them. To imagine losing just about everything in such a catastrophic, uncontrollable and unpreventable manner just fills the empath with sadness and they seek to fulfill their duties by praying, offering to volunteer among other efforts to help those in need.

It’s been an emotional roller coaster of several weeks with the multiple natural disasters hitting so many areas. So many people on edge, filled with anxiety about the future and so many other mixed emotions, it’s been overwhelming for empaths out there. To my fellow empaths, stay strong and be of assistance in other ways. You got this!

To those affected by natural disasters recently, my thoughts are and continue to be with you and your loved ones.

Via GoodMenProject

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