MAJESTIC-12: A Shocking Forbidden Story About The Secret United States UFO committee

Majestic 12 (MJ-12) is the nickname given to a secret group (scientists/military/government) of paranormal researchers- widely theorized by popular UFO conspiracy claims. Who was this secret group? Where did this secret group come from? Is this secret group true? What evidence did they find? How much does our government know?

The government must have had an inkling to round a search party. MJ 12 was organized by then President Truman in 1947. Rumors of MJ12 began when the FBI investigated leaked documentation regarding secret alien life capture- and deemed it false. The public did not trust the FBI and displayed their belief that the leaked proof was indeed authentic.

The infamous leaked eight pages are directly linked to the notorious Roswell Incident. At that time there were already whispers of a government cover-up. The eight pages were actually photos of eight pages of documents that were received anonymously by a high ranking UFO Explorer. The first page mentions the three words, Operation Majestic Twelve, hence the formation of the nickname, Majestic 12. The second image was of the names of the twelve members. On page three comes the bombshell, news of the actual possession of a crashed alien Warcraft- and a genuine alien life form.

The papers go on to detail the involvement and ongoing cover-up by government officials. Truman supposedly knew about the alien crash and sent Defense Secretary Forrestal to keep house. The genuine nature of these documents is believed by many because of Truman’s orders to keep civil obedience a top priority. Letting fears of civil unrest take precedence over the right of the public to know the truth.

There are several reasons why many people doubt the authenticity of this documentation. Military time is commonly used by the military; these papers were typed with the time in regular/civilian time. Another theory claims misuse of the title admiral when the correct term is “rear admiral.” There are also a few words that do not date back to the 40’s- when this document was allegedly written.

On the other hand, the twelve signatures on this classified sworn secret project. Were all verified as authentic. It was an extremely powerful group of people, Majestic 12. CIA, top politicians, and respected scientists. Whoever masterminded the creation of this group knew what they were doing. How much the government knows and does not know will always be up for discussion.


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MAJESTIC-12: A Shocking Forbidden Story About The Secret United States UFO committee

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