Watch: Video shows military personnel transporting alleged “Roswell Alien”

Ever since an alleged UFO crashed in July of 1947 new Roswell New Mexico, countless theories have been proposed explaining what EXACTLY the military came across. This video—whose authenticity, content and everything related to it may raise numerous red flags—shows what appears to be one of the alleged aliens recovered from the crash site after a supposed disc-shaped object crashed near the town of Roswell.

The idea that mankind has been visited by advanced extraterrestrial beings has long been considered a possibility.

However, with all of our advanced equipment, satellites, telescopes, and experts in the field, mankind has still failed—officially—to find evidence fro alien life.

Our society is divided between people who believe that we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings, and there are those who firmly disagree, suggesting that we are the only intelligent species in the universe.

But, how can we know for sure? We can’t, can we?

Looking throughout the long history of mankind on Earth, ancient civilizations across the globe recorded in numerous ways inexplicable phenomenon that they witnessed. Some would agree that the descriptions of our ancestors perfectly match the description of modern-day reports of ufos.

Even though the UFO phenomenon has become popular in recent years, the truth is that reports of unexplained flying objects and alien presence stretch back in time much longer than you’d imagine.

The idea that we are not the only life forms in the universe has captured the imagination and interest of not only scientists but philosophers, historians and other experts throughout the centuries.

Italian Dominican friar, philosopher, mathematician, poet, and cosmological theorist Giordano Bruno said that the universe is in fact infinite and could have no celestial body at its “center”.

Bruno said:

“There are countless suns and countless earth’s all rotating around their suns in exactly the same way as the seven planets of our system. We see only the suns because they are the largest bodies and are luminous, but their planets remain invisible to us because they are smaller and non-luminous. The countless worlds in the universe are no worse and no less inhabited than our Earth. For it is utterly unreasonable to suppose that those teeming worlds which are as magnificent as our own, perhaps more so, and which enjoy the fructifying rays of a sun just as we do, should be uninhabited and should not bear similar or even more perfect inhabitants than our ear”h.”

Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake in Rome’s Campo de’ Fiori in 1600 because of his beliefs.

But even further back in history, there’s evidence that our ancient ancestors saw things that they could not explain, and decided to categorize the events as either miraculous, divine, and as proof of our creator Gods: Look at the Ancient Sumerians, Maya, Aztecs, Hopi, Inca, etc.

Many authors would agree that it’s safe to say that there is at least 1 intelligent civilization per galaxy. There are at LEAST one hundred billion galaxies as the Milky Way. Do the math.

UFOlogists and paranormal researchers agree that throughout the years Earth has been visited, and there is ample historical evidence which supports this claim.

Getting back on track, this video has certainly raised some eyebrows. While we know that 99% of videos of this nature posted online are fake, you’ve got to leave room for that miniature 1% which might be ‘evidence’ that all these years those who have said we’ve been visited by beings, not from Earth were right.

Could this be that video?

What we know about this video is that it was allegedly filmed just after the Roswell UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico in July of 1947.

Ever since an alleged UFO crashed in July of 1947 new Roswell New Mexico, countless theories have been proposed explaining what EXACTLY the military came across.

Was it a real UFO? Did they discover alien bodies? And was the entire thing covered up by the Government? These questions have remained unanswered for nearly 70 years.

The Roswell crash has had a great weight in popular culture for decades and is mentioned in numerous works of fiction, as well as documentaries.

What some believe was a real UFO, others are convinced that the object that crashed on the night of July 4, 1947, was a weather balloon.

According to ‘A History of UFO Crashes’, eyewitness William Woody, who lived east of Roswell said he remembered being outside of his house with his father the night of July 4, 1947, when he saw a brilliant object plunge to the ground.

The alleged video shows military personal surround and eventually transport on a ‘stretcher’ what is believed to be one of the ‘Aliens’ recovered from the crash site near the town of Roswell.

The authenticity of the video, its contents and everything related to it may raise numerous red flags. But, given the fact we have so little information about it, we can’t say whether the video is a staged hoax, or whether it’s real.

The video was sent to Ancient Code by one of our readers who would not disclose how he obtained it.

Our best guess you ask? Most likely an edited footage of one of the movies made about Roswell, which one? We have no idea, so if anyone has more information feel free to contact us and let us know what you know about this video.


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